Here’s to the memory of Syracuse drummer David Read

Veteran Syracuse drummer David Read has passed away.

Fellow drummer Mike Donahue, an important player in the Syracuse Area Music Awards as well as curator of the the significant CNY Music Archives Facebook site, sent me a Facebook message this weekend noting that he’d posted the video I took of The Works’ reunion at the 2015 Sammys.

Read did great work. That was a memorable night in March at the Palace Theatre on James Street.

He was a member of The Fabulous Ripcords, a vital Central New York blues band.

Read’s beat-keeping and contributions to the scene will be missed by many.

Here’s his obituary on

Feel free to add any memories in the comment section.

6 thoughts on “Here’s to the memory of Syracuse drummer David Read

  1. Mark–thanks for posting this. I worked a lot with Dave during the 90s in The East Shore Allstars and The Bards. He was also the drummer on my solo album, Brief Encounter, which I released in 1993. He was, hands-down, the best drummer I ever worked with: solid, never flashy, always in the pocket and a driving force behind everything he played on. We shared many laughs on and off stage, and while our paths went different ways in later years, he was always in my heart. I will miss you, brother.


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