Plugging the hole, or sometimes you must vent

When my dear wife Karen and I moved into A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville, the master bedroom came equipped with one gaping hole.

Let the heat out.

Let the heat out.

At the bottom was where the heat came out. At the top we saw the plug from the mounted TV … in the living room on the other side of the wall.

We lived that way for a couple of months until a trip to Lowe’s.



We had done our measuring job. That hole was almost two-feet-square. We found a white vent that fit it, 21×21. (And yes, the new look does include a shift of a dresser from the second bedroom as well.)

Little by little A Bitty Better gets more and more …

What’s the biggest hole in the wall you’ve had in your house? What’s the biggest hole in the wall you’ve ever seen? What would you do with the hole in the wall?

20 thoughts on “Plugging the hole, or sometimes you must vent

  1. Lookin’ good Little Bro. R U pretty much settled now? I’m in the process of cleaning up this computer after transferring everything (I hope) to my new laptop. Wish me luck on this. I had the right place a couple of days ago, but now that almost everything has been transferred I can’t find the stinkin’ window again. Always my luck, huh? Have a great weekend — and yeah, I’m still alive, just not kickin’ as high now!


  2. Does knocking down an entire wall constitute a “hole in the wall?” LOL. The biggest one we’ve had recently was when our wall A/C unit went kaput and hubby had to remove it to put a new one in, which took a few days. He covered it in the meantime with a plug of styrofoam with plastic taped over it.


  3. Our contractor replaced the vent cover in the bathroom, but couldn’t find the right size for the kitchen, so we, too, had a gaping hole. We had run out of time for the repairs, so we told the contractor to just leave it and we would take care of it later. It took a long time to find a vent cover that fit because that hole was an odd size and hubby didn’t want to cut the wall further. He did finally find a cover at either Loews or Home Depot, and it sort of fits but not perfectly. We should have just had the contractor come back and do it. Houses are such fun.


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