A lovely look to the library’s street

When I left work Friday afternoon, there was still enough light left to jog down to Onondaga Lake Park to take some pictures with my iPhone 6s. OK, I walked briskly from the cold. No jogging for me.

The lake photos I’ll save for another post.

Tulip Street in the light of gray.

Tulip Street in the light of gray.

Tulip Street upon my return provided the perfect image for my Sunday shot.

The overcast sky around 4 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 27 cast just the right light on the Village of Liverpool. That’s my place of work, the Liverpool Public Library, on the right side.

Wise street.

Wise street.

I imagined a happy hour crowd spilling into the businesses in the hours to come, nothing to stop their plans for a great weekend.

Winter just about half gone.

Light gathering minutes more on each side of the sun’s daily arc.

Spirits rising before this Friday sunset.

Then I drove home to get ready for a great Friday dinner at A Bitty Better with my dear wife Karen. Afterward, I showed her these photos, and she too was hooked by the allure of Tulip Street in the moment.

What did you do this past Friday? Are your spirits rising as we head toward February? Do you have a quaint village street that grabs your attention?

12 thoughts on “A lovely look to the library’s street

  1. Well everyday this week has been a write off but I am lucky and have a Market town in walking distance from our house. I have shown photos of it on the blog often. For though I shall stay in and nurse my cold!!


  2. nice pics and here’s to spring’s return asap! friday night, i hung out with 2 grand boys and we made word searches, played games and facetimed my brother for his birthday. nice and relaxed –


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