February finery at the library

Snow, sun and superb surroundings.

Snow, sun and superb surroundings.

The call of outdoor duty was strong Wednesday before my lunch break at the Liverpool Public Library.

It looked fine from the second-floor windows.

So I grabbed a lens and headed down the stairs. Could we not use some sun-drenched, sun-sparkled photos of the library for our files?

You know, just in case.

I think Feb. 1, 2017, looked pretty bright in the Village of Liverpool, from our building on the corner of Second Street right on down Tulip to Onondaga Lake.

What is the setting outside where you work? Do you get to throw on a jacket and visit the outdoors or must you stay inside at your desk?

7 thoughts on “February finery at the library

  1. I can step outside at lunch, although I rarely avail myself of that permission. Additionally, I rarely talk about my work in my blog. However, now that you bring it up, a few pictures of the Mohawk Valley under the winter sun would be a good idea. I can almost feel the cold looking at your picture. There is something about a cold sunny day, isn’t there?


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