A huge night for Tiny

Something special happened for the Limp Lizard squad during Thursday Night Men’s League action at Bowling Green last week.

And it wasn’t the fact that we won all three games for the first time to up our second-half record to 9-12.

What a week for Tiny.

What a week for Tiny.

My teammate Tiny had a week that was.

If you can’t quite make out his three-game line in the photo I took at the completion of our night, he rolled games of 225-259-258 for a series of 742.

That’s heady territory for our team. In fact, it puts him No. 1 for the season in the high series with handicap category. Not for high series scratch, though. We have a lot of good bowlers in our 12-team league.

Happy Tiny.

Happy Tiny.

And so Tiny was smiling at the end of the evening. As were Steve, Randy, Tom and I. We really are all in this together. We’ll see how we follow it up tonight?

What’s the best accomplishment you’ve seen from a teammate? How did it go the next time out? What’s your favorite participation sport, and why?

5 thoughts on “A huge night for Tiny

    • That is so exciting, to be able to root one of your teammates on to a 300, Kathryn Grace! We had a sub on our team roll a 300 a couple seasons back, and I just about passed out in excitement of the moment. 😮 I relate to having that pick up my average, too, by the way …

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