A clear look at our foggy backyard

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle delivered an extra woof when I let her out into the backyard of A Bitty Better Sunday morning.

I looked out further from the back door, brushed the sleep out of my eyes, grabbed my iPad Pro, and stepped out the side door.

Head in the low clouds.

Head in the low clouds.

Our cherished rescue mutt wanted me to clearly see the fog that had settled over the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

What's out there?

What’s out there?

She went about her business, albeit a bit slower than usual.

Out front

Out front

I went looking for more angles. It seemed even foggier out front.

So I went out the front door to investigate that direction.

Fog to the right side of Town Hall.

Fog to the right side of Town Hall.

Fog flanked the Salina Town Hall.

Lake view obstructed.

Lake view obstructed.

A stride to the street revealed that our slice of Onondaga Lake view was not to be this morning of Sunday, Jan. 22, 2017.

That’s what happens when it gets this warm in January in our Central New York. I was glad that I had no driving in my plans.

How foggy does it get where you live? What views get obscured by fog in your part of the world? Which is your favorite photo, and why?


16 thoughts on “A clear look at our foggy backyard

  1. Hi Mark! It does get foggy in Jakarta, but that’s due to the excessive air pollution levels, so I don’t know if that counts. I love the photo ‘What’s out there?’ It looks as if the world ends at your house. Thanks for sharing!


    • We used to call that smog when I lived on the outskirts of New York City, thephilcyclist. So I think it does count. Yikes! Hey, thanks for the kind words about that photo. I like it, too. Have a great day.


  2. We’ve had fog a couple of times in the last month, which is so rare here.
    But we have snow.
    “Where’s your snow Mark?” she says, with arms folded in the front, weight shifted to left foot, right foot tapping on the floor… ā¤
    Diana xo


  3. wow, fog really gives a whole different look to familiar places, doesn’t it? we’ve had a lot of fog recently too, with the warm weather and wet ground – crazy season )


  4. You would feel right at home in my backyard then, Bro Mark. We have fog almost every warm morning, and lots of times it just hangs around half the day. I think it’s because we are located in a valley — sorta. Not to mention the river adding its share of humidity and fog. We also have an absolutely fantastic layer of junk in the air to go along with all the rest of the problems that are associated with Ohio River Valley stuff! Hi to your
    dear wife, Karen.


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