It’s a dog park, too, when no kids are there (and we bring bags)

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle adores the Children’s Playground behind the Salina Town Hall.

Room to stretch it out.

Room to stretch it out.

My dear wife Karen discovered that when there are no other people present, the totally fenced-in area out back make an excellent faux Dog Park.

Yes, I tucked extra supermarket plastic bags in my pocket in case.

The dog likes her time checking this spot out even better than pulling us around our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville blocks.

Sniff away.

Sniff away.

In addition to running like the wind in the green grass, our beloved rescue mutt sniffed the cinders and poked her head into every corner possible.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

She the dog disappeared behind the fence/shed combo, I held my breath. Would there be an escape hatch I could not see?

There she is!

There she is!

The link apparently remains unbroken.

Let me explore more!

Let me explore more!

And so she was left with wishful thinking.

Where do you most bring your dog outside, and why? What would your dog like most in this park, and why? Which is your favorite photo, and why?


18 thoughts on “It’s a dog park, too, when no kids are there (and we bring bags)

  1. Oh, so many things to sniff…lucky pup ! They recently added a fenced dog park next to the “people park” in our area. They were smart about it…designated 3 separate areas for small, medium and large pets. It’s been a big hit, but folks still walk them on a leash in the people park.


  2. We used to take Sadie to a park on base when we lived in Georgia. At night. She’d slide and climb and explore right along with the kids. 🙂 It’s good Ellie can be an off-leash dog sometimes. We all need to play!


  3. Dogs need to run (and humans just can’t keep up most of the time…no a bike is not possible for Molly – squirrels! HA HA)
    How great Ellie has a fenced place. Here they are very strict about no dogs in kids’ playgrounds (some dog owners who never clean up spoiled it for everyone.)
    We were warned never to let a Malamute/husky off leash as you’d Never be able to catch a curly tail clan dog…they hear you call, but aren;’t interested unless there’s really god food… Molly is out on several fenced acres running in the mud with friends today. Looking forward to a bath wrestling session later.


  4. I’m easily confused. In other words this fenced in area is your backyard? The one with the jungle gym and the shed? and outside where all the grass is, is not?


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