Pretty little Galeville playground

Living so close to the Town of Salina Hall can spice up the walks around our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville for my dear Karen and I.

Will the spot be jumping or quiet?

On weekends it tends toward the latter.

And so we investigated the kiddies playground tucked way in the back.

Lucky kids.

Lucky kids.

There are plenty of spots for the children to work out their physical energy.

Go climb.

Go climb.

The can climb and slide.

Only hang ups here.

Only hang ups here.

It’s obvious that the care centers that use this nice place on weekdays also encourage their charges to use their minds.

Quick, draw.

Quick, draw.

We tried to figure out if the kids were drawing a map of our world or a group of Finger Lakes on the glass board.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

I can only imagine kids making music at these two stations. Fantastic.

Tomorrow: Ellie B acts like a kid.

What kind of things do your neighborhood playgrounds use for the kids? What did your kids like best at playgrounds? What would you put in playgrounds, and why?

6 thoughts on “Pretty little Galeville playground

  1. Bend’s Parks and Rec motto is “A park (or two or three) in every neighborhood.” Well if it isn’t it should be. For our small city, we have 81 parks, almost all with playgrounds! And more are being built as we speak. That looks like a wonderful park for the kiddos.


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