Battling the big wind

It really gets windy up here on the hill around A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

The other day Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I were sitting in the living room listening to the gusts that the weather folks told us were topping at more than 50 mph. As we waited for my dear wife Karen to pull her car into the driveway from her shift at SMG, I heard a bang at the side of the house.

Ellie B looked at me, startled. We felt as if we were in Oz. We both trotted toward the sound.

The screen door had slammed open against the side of the house. I ventured out and grabbed it. I took all of my strength to pull it back toward the house. Tugging on the little black handle in the middle proved futile. No, I had to grab the closing mechanism up top and pull with all my might to get the door closed against the gusts.

Not quite flush.

Not quite flush.

Except it wasn’t quite, really.

Now there’s a gap up on the top right (when looking out) where the door no longer sits square in the frame.

No longer a perfect match.

No longer a perfect match.

It being a metal door, I thought perhaps I could bang things back into proper perspective.


When the wood inner door is closed, it hits the closing mechanism and pushes the screen door back out.

The best I can figure, the metal rod of the closer is bent. And I can’t straighten it. A trip to Lowe’s is on the schedule.

There’s always something.

How windy has it gotten where you live? What have you had to work on because of the wind? What do you think about the screen door project?

17 thoughts on “Battling the big wind

  1. Although, it has been a tad nippy at home (we are in the Islands currently) my Dad of course set the heat pumps and lit a fire in the great room fireplace. They are watching the children and home, etc. Everyone is cozy and warm. It is usually short lived in Florida and by Thursday should be normal temps once again. A lot of snow and ice and wind for folks across the Nation. It does get windy on beachside though-we have French doors and sliders so I can’t say anything about screen doors??? I know you can fix it Terp!!! Hoping the wind dies down and the snow begins to melt giving you a break in between. Gatorette


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