Natural pruning

Down came the branches. We have had a lot of wind in the Galeville neighborhood lately. Many of the loose branches on our neighbor’s tree that overhang our backyard had no chance of staying above the ground. I’ll clean them up before spring mowing, promise.

Ride like the wind

A recent work break walk on a windy day caught this guy making the most of the wind at Onondaga Lake Park. On wheels. In the parking lot. Cool.

The wind whips up Onondaga Lake

Walking on a work break on Friday, the wind was stirring the water greatly on Onondaga Lake. The color was brown. The birds were having a blast up higher. I wanted to catch the sound for you all with my iPhone 8, too.

The wind whips up some whitecaps on Onondaga Lake

Yes, fall has arrived in Central New York. On a walk between regular job hours and the start of the book sale at the library Friday, I ventured right next to Onondaga Lake. I had planned to eat my takeout Chinese at the picnic table. But the sea, she was angry, my friends. Noisy, too.

Gusty dusk in Galeville

I’ve talked here before about the big wind that visits around A Bitty Better in the Galeville neighborhood of Liverpool. When I got home from work at the library on Friday, it was acting up again. How best to show the gale of Galeville, I wondered. I saw and heard the flags outside the Salina…

Battling the big wind

It really gets windy up here on the hill around A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. The other day Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I were sitting in the living room listening to the gusts that the weather folks told us were topping at more than 50 mph. As we waited…