A pleasant surprise from many miles away

It wasn’t the usual piece of mail I get in my box at my workplace, the Liverpool Public Library.

The envelope was addressed to me, and it declared that it came from across the miles.

Heart-warming message.

Heart-warming message.

Inside was a Christmas card, bookmark and beautiful message.

The sender was a fellow blogger. New Bloggy Cat, also known (if you check out her “About” page) as Patricia Chew. She’d gone through the trouble of looking up the address at the library to send me this wonderful card and gift and thought for the holidays.

Cool cat.

Cool cat.

It’s for me, my dear wife Karen and Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle. It’s from she and her brood.

We’ve shared our thoughts on each other’s blog posts.

This is the best of WordPress. This is what BloggyVille means to me when it works.

Thank you, New Bloggy Cat.

Happy New Year, my friend Patricia, Sydelle, Shaye and Funny Bald Dude.

Yeah, I know Funny Bald Dude and I would get along.

Who has surprised you with something from far away?

19 thoughts on “A pleasant surprise from many miles away

  1. Yes truly wonderful. I heard recently of a site where you join up and send postcards to other strangers who just live vicariously, like blogs, through each others travels…i love all of this.


  2. That’s wonderful, Mark. It’s one of the thing I like about this new digital era – the way we can become friends with people we’ve never met who live in other cities, states and countries. In the old days, the best we could do was to find a pen pal somewhere. I’ll bet today’s youth doesn’t even know what a pen pal is!


    • Yes, Pen Pal was a such a thing, kiddies, for Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, and other official organizations back in the day. Thanks, CM, for allowing us of a certain age to provide a lesson to the young ‘uns. πŸ™‚

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  3. I get surprise gifts sometimes from across the miles from interwebez friends! My favorite is a hand-blown glass sculpture of a fish jumping out of water from Hawaii. My nickname in some groups is KR Big Fish, lol! I like to fish. πŸ™‚


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