Ellie B can be a good guard dog

Ready to protect A Bitty Better

Ready to protect A Bitty Better

I must admit I poked a bit of fun at our devoted rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle in yesterday’s post, what with her, er, relaxed couch pose.

To be fair, she is a rather good guard dog, too, always ready to protect A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville, as witness to this photo of her outside the side door.

That makes my dear wife Karen and I feel very, very good, each and every bark as folks pass our house by on their daily way, with their own dogs and without. Do we admonish her to “stop that barking!” every now and then? Well, sure. But only when she gets carried away and goes on and on when we’ve looked out the window with her and reassured her that it’s OK.

Have you had a dog that barked at every sound? Have you had a dog that you know chased away a do-no-gooder? Have you had a dog that ignored the outside world?


24 thoughts on “Ellie B can be a good guard dog

  1. aaww – she’s probably saved your lives from that pesky mailman so many times my friends – snorts with piggy laughter. Houdini here who is like what 6 pounds soaking wet barks like a 200 pound dog. It’s hilarious to see him going to town and then peeps reactions when they see him. Let’s not talk about my snort/chirp like a rooster sound. Shaking my head. It’s so unfair. XOXO – Bacon


  2. Let me tell you about our chocolate lab Cocoa (rescued from a friend who had to give her up at 4 months when he moved into a “no-dog” apartment). So we had a farm behind us with about 10 cows, only separated by a small chain-link fence to our backyard. Each and every morning for the 6 years we lived there, we’d let her out the back door and she would run to the fence and bark furiously at those darn cows, that just stood there and did nothing. They were always just standing out there but it was cause for alarm every morning, lol!


  3. That’s a great shot of Ellie B on duty, Mark! I wish we had a dog that ignored the outside world. The mutt in this house is an excellent watchdog, but his barking can be annoying, especially when I’m taking my nap.
    (ā‰šį„Œā‰š)ʶʵ NBC


  4. Ellie B definitely appears to be doing her job – just look at those alert eyes and pricked ears! Puppy Cody isn’t generally a barker – so when she does start, I know there’s someone closer to the house than they should be. Like the mailman who has the audacity to actually step onto the property (but he always gets right off as soon as Cody tells him to, doesn’t he?), or the UPS guy who has the temerity to park on the street in front of the house. Good dog, my Cody.


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