Ellie B likes the new look, same old feel of her couch

My dear wife Karen and I got new chairs to appreciate the living room of A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle got to keep the couch she loved so much. She did, however, have to get accustomed to its facelift.

Feeling at home.

Feeling at home.

The new slipcover and comforter to better match the colors of the new chairs – no, the old red would just not do – seem to bother our beloved rescue mutt not a bit.

She is at home in this new place as much as we are. Thankfully.

Have you had a pet who needed to become accustomed to a new place? How did you help the adjustment? How long did it take for your pet to love the new digs?

13 thoughts on “Ellie B likes the new look, same old feel of her couch

  1. Ours have always adapted very quickly. Although when we moved our Springer, Cooper a second time, he re paid us for the trauma by immediately — within 5 minutes of arriving — puked on the white carpeting. After that, he was fine!


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