A beautiful slice of sunset over Galeville

With all the talk of the Supermoon this week, I still kept my eyes peeled for other things in the sky as I walked Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle around our new Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

The sun and Onondaga Lake.

The sun and Onondaga Lake.

I caught this gorgeous sunset Monday, right after I’d gotten home from work at the Liverpool Public Library.

Backyard beauty.

Backyard beauty.

And right in our own backyard at A Bitty Better, where Ellie needed to escape even after our walk, I noticed this tree over the neighbor’s side of the fence getting ready to drop its leaves on our side.

Beautiful time of year, yes.

Which grabs you more in this moment, the sliver of orange sunset in the gray sky or the full tree of yellow leaves, and why?

21 thoughts on “A beautiful slice of sunset over Galeville

  1. I think the tree grabs me, bro Mark. Bittersweet memories there. My Mom had a tree, well not her tree, but her neighbor’s tree, that always waited until all the rest of the trees had shed their leaves, and then it dropped its load in her yard. Every year, without fail, at least 3 weeks after the final pickup date, 47 years. I hope your neighboring tree doesn’t wait like that one, because if it does you will be making a trip to the landfill the way my Dad and then my brothers did all those years.
    I’m loving your Bitty Better more and more. I hope the neighbors are friendly and you are finding a lot of nice places for dining and having fun. If I don’t have a chance to get back online before next week, have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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