Some wishes for when Donald J. becomes President Trump

I’ve let a week go by since the results came in that gave us Donald J. Trump as the next President of our United States of America.

My state, New York, and the only other of the 50 that I resided in, for six of my coming-on 59 years of life, Maryland, were two of the few that gave its electorate college votes to Hillary Clinton.



Onondaga County, where I live here right next to the city of Syracuse, went for Clinton. So I was one of those voting citizens who was somewhat surprised that political outsider Trump, he of the fast-trigger comments and considerable negative press, won the election.

But I am not writing about that recent past. There’s simply too much at stake.

(Photo from Getty Images)

(Photo from Getty Images)

I come here today instead to deliver some hopes for the middle of January. I have a wish list for Jan. 20, 2017, the day he’s sworn in as President Trump on West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. I won’t get too deeply political. There are enough sites staffed by more savvy sorts certified and certain of which they write to serve you on that front. I speak instead from the gut and the heart. Those are the places he seems to have connected with to those so solidly behind him.

I caught the 60 Minutes interview Sunday night, and our next President indeed seem different already.

√ May he be humble, remembering that in fact more American people voted for Clinton than him.

√ May he be tolerant, realizing that people of many lands have worked hard for centuries to make this country their home.

√ May he be wise, knowing that not only must he allow America to be great, but figure out how to make us fit into a great world, too.

It’s time to come together for something special, please. It’s a tough job.

(Photo from Getty Images)

(Photo from Getty Images)

So much is in his hands.

I caught the 60 Minutes interview Sunday night, and our next President indeed seems different already.

What’s your biggest hope for the new president?

31 thoughts on “Some wishes for when Donald J. becomes President Trump

  1. Excellent post, my friend!! I feel the same. I saw the interview, too, & agree with you – appeared to be a softer, more controlled & dignified side of our new president-elect. I’m still sleeping with one eye open, though (metaphorically speaking that is 😉 )


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  3. This is great. Short and to the point. Being president is a tough job for anyone and in order for this country to be successful we must all come together and do what we can to make his (regardless of who he is) job easier. All of us call this home. Therefore, we should all work as one to make it a good one. Fighting, rioting and being divided will not get this country anywhere. It is our duty as Americans to honor the process and give this man a chance, regardless if we care for the man or not. A divided country cannot stand.


  4. Frightening times for anyone hoping to make this country and this world a more accepting place, kinder and more willing to help those in need. The President-elect campaigned on fear and has emboldened the forces of darkness that used to be on the periphery (Klanners, anti-semites etc.) The Republicans seem committed to eliminating the New Deal programs that helped eliminate poverty for senior citizens and the disabled. My wish? That we marshal the forces of opposition to blunt the worst of the damage and hopefully limit this nightmare to four years.

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  5. Not being American or even living in America and as someone standing on the other side of the pond. We have had our fair share of upheaval of late. We are still standing . I have to say I was not happy with the results of the presidential election. I do understand your voting procedures but it beats me how the person with the least votes can win!!?!? Don’t worry I know how it works but I don’t have to like it !
    Okay what would I like from Trump.
    May he think before he has a go at foreigners the only native Americans are the original Indians who like most original people’s are treated the worse. Not one American Trump included is a full blooded American with no foreign ancestry. His wife is foreign he may have to send her packing and himself! Like you I think he should think before he opens his mouth.
    I hope he can sort out your medical system, God knows I wish we could sort out our NHS.
    I hope he can learn to listen to those who know better.
    I also hope against hope he can make your country great again and that he could do something for world peace.
    Okay that is my outsider’s opinion and rant .

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  6. Thank you for your thoughts, Mark. May America strive for Goodness, not greatness. Kind, fair, tolerant. We are World citizens.
    PS: It’s so nice to hear of the joy you have in your new home.

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