Supermoon over A Bitty Better

Moon over our house.

Moon over our house.

A Bitty Better makes a good backdrop for a Supermoon.

Our first phenomena in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville delivered a fairly stupendous shot of the sky above our new home.

I called my dear wife Karen out around 9:30 this evening of Monday, Nov. 14, 2016, a night when the moon is closest to Earth as it has been since 1948.

And from our portico.

And from our portico.

It looked kind of cool situated between hanging stuff from our covered portico, too.

Over the trees.

Over the trees.

And I had to catch it as it hung just over the neighbor’s trees.

After all, the moon will not be this close to the earth again until 2034.

Did you catch a good view of the Supermoon last night or tonight? Where was the best view for you? Which photo do you like best, and why?


15 thoughts on “Supermoon over A Bitty Better

  1. ahhhhhh = so this is why it is the super moon – the closeness – I have been hearing about it since last night and you are the first one to let me know why it is so super – makes sense…
    and I like your pics of it M.


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