Happy Veterans Day, with honor and gratitude

A couple of miles up the road from where I work and live, there’s quite a striking sight in front of the Wegmans supermarket.

A beautiful idea.

A beautiful idea.

The Flags of Honor and Gratitude surely make for an impressive collection. The premised for the past several weeks: Folks can sponsor a flag in the array in the name of a loved one who served.

Think of all that served for us.

Think of all that served for us.

The rows upon rows of flags on the day I took these photos were almost full.

I tip my hat.

I tip my hat.

Right there, standing on a usually nondescript commercial strip of a county road, I repeatedly got goosebumps as I maneuvered through the flags and thought about what each one meant, to those who wrote the tags and those whose names were put on them.

In the half-hour or so that I paid my respect along with my photo-taking, a handful of other people parked, perused, and did their own private thing.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

Happy Veterans Day to all who served and are serving. Thank you for all you have done, for our country and the world.

Who would you select a flag of honor and gratitude for, and what would you say on the tag? What displays for Veterans Day have you seen in your neighborhood that have moved you? Which is your favorite photo, and why?


10 thoughts on “Happy Veterans Day, with honor and gratitude

  1. My parents are buried in a military cemetery (my dad was a WWII vet). And your photo reminds me of the sight there. To see row upon row, so symmetrical, always gives me pause. So many lives lost, but so much dedication.

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