The new lawn sure mows up nice

I halfway had it in my noggin while I was marching in all our bins across it that the first time I’d mow the lawn at A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville would be sometime in the spring of 2017.

As the man who ran for president said so many times in those debates:


Not when last Saturday dawned with a blue sky, warm air and a calendar that said one more chance for a good cut before switching to Eastern Standard Time. So I took the empty red gas can I’d transported from the Little Bitty in the Syracuse City neighborhood of Eastwood, drove down to the corner gas station, and squeezed what I imagined to be just enough fuel for one more mow. Anything left over would go into the tank of my Chevy Cruze.

Less to mow.

Less to mow.

The backyard, what with its great yawn of an in-ground pool to skirt, was accomplished in no time flat. Even though I took my sweet time to get it right up to the three borders of the fence.

I think it's gorgeous.

I think it’s gorgeous.

The front is bigger than that of the old place, even with less side lawn because I used to mow more than I had to at the empty lot.

A new wrinkle is the sidewalk. At the Little Bitty, the grass went straight out to the street. That will give me more to shovel come snow days, I thought as I mowed.

All in all, with different trees to circle and other routes to ponder, it probably took me about the same time to mow. No funky patterns. Just straight across.

I was happy with my work. I may do another mow for mulching if we get a lot of leaves, in fact.

What do you think of my work on the new lawn? Would you put the mower away now? Diagonal patterns next year, or more conservative?

15 thoughts on “The new lawn sure mows up nice

  1. What a lovely new home for you! And you have a pool! Now that is just marvelous. I wish you and Karen just the best of life in your new space. 🍁


  2. your house and yard are wonderful. I’m done with mowing for the year, and letting the grass fill itself in as it wants to. i like how your tree and car match the house, great planning. i’m okay with a straight pattern mow, though i do love to see the cross hatch on baseball fields. )


    • Yes, it took lots of searching to match a house and tree with Karen’s car, right? 😉 I like your idea to let the grass recoup for awhile. I just couldn’t stay away from one mow after moving in. Next spring, may try the hatch on the front yard, going for the CitiField look in one more location, Beth.

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  3. That’s a really wide berm between the sidewalk and the street. I think ours is half that width. Hubby mowed our lawn again last week and hopes it will be the last time.

    BTW, I like the fact that your car matches the house. Looks really good sitting in that driveway!


  4. very nice. As I opened th pic I was wondering if your lawn mower wasn’t getting cozy with your snow shovel by now. It’s almost mid-November, about that time. I like the red color, and love the pool…I don’t have a pool, so I’m jealous. 🙂


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