First things up on the walls are …

The DiecTV folks were able to make it to A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville on the Monday we moved in.

So we had a dish on the corner of the roof because no unobstructed sight lines to the bird in the sky were available in the backyard.

And we had our two flatscreens hooked up. The bedroom TV sat on a stand on a table, ready to watch. The big baby, though, the living room grande dame with the sound bar and back speaker, was propped up behind our entertainment stand on the long wall.

When it was put up on the wall by the Geek Squad as a Christmas gift to me a few years back at The Little Bitty, you see, they took away the box and the table stand. I took the mounting stand and hardware down from that wall, but did not trust myself to put it back up securely and safely in the new place.

The Geek Squad could not come until Thursday. No living room TV until then.

Sweet new location in Galeville.

Sweet new location in Galeville.

I am catching up.

When they did, we had them put the bedroom TV up on the wall as well.

Up on the bedroom wall.

Up on the bedroom wall.

I declined the offer to put the wires inside the wall, though. It would have cost another $150. We’ll live with the bundled cords.

More to come as we continue to unpack and make it nice.

Do you like flatscreens on the wall or on a stand, and why? Would you prefer the wires inside the wall for $150 or in a bundle for not $150? What more do you want to see about moving into A Bitty Better?

16 thoughts on “First things up on the walls are …

  1. Hey bro Mark, for that $150 you can get some prints to hang over those wires or some kind of screens–anything that won’t require opening the wall and making a mess. My personal choice for the bedroom would be a small wall quilt, but then I’m a quilt person. In the living room I would have bookcases with something on top to hide the wires. I’m getting to be an expert at hiding flaws after 14 years in this building.
    I’m also loving your new place. What does the outside look like? I hope one of the posts before this one will show a nice fenced in yard for Ellie B (aka Dogamus Pyle). BTW, how is she taking the move? That often makes pets very nervous. Okay, back to yesterday once more.


  2. Bitty Better is looking better every day, Mark! I have a flatscreen on the stand. I would love to get a new flatscreen hooked up when things get better. But I would not pay $150 not to see the cords. I’m a frugal cat, you know…..ฅ(≚ᄌ≚)


  3. We don’t have a large flat screen, the biggest we have is the 32″ one in the living room, and that’s on a stand. Hubby refuses to put anything up on our newly painted walls (except for the one painting over the couch which I absolutely insisted on).

    Looks like you’re settling right in. I think that house was meant for you and Karen.


  4. We have a little bedroom, with doors and windows on every single wall, so the tv is mounted in there. I would gladly pay $150 not to see the cords, but since The Mister and Bubba did it, that wasn’t an option I was given. I put books in front of it so I don’t have to see the cords. Frankly, I’m just glad they got it done after almost two years of my asking them to. LOL


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