That first treat at A Bitty Better

Amid all of that packing to get ready for the move to A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville, my dear wife Karen and I allowed ourselves one side trip for an indulgence.

We visited Raymour and Flanagan on the busy Saturday to look for new living room chairs, our one furniture indulgence for the new-to-us house.

We sat in several and matched colors.

New living room stuff.

New living room stuff. That table in the middle was just a space-filler that morning until the truck arrived.

I went with a new recliner. Of course, many of you would say. Karen selected a very sweet chair with matching ottoman.

The great sales person told us that there was a delivery slot open on our moving Monday.

I had to race over while the moving men were still filling the truck at The Little Bitty.

We like them. Very much.

My recliner, by the way, has padded chair arms that open for storage. One side has a cup holder and a deep well for all my remotes. The other has two charging ports for iPad and iPhone. And … it’s a massage chair. I knew none of this when I sat on it for the comfort test and made it my choice. Karen told me later.


More to come tomorrow

What kind of chair is your favorite, and why? What sorts of extras have you found in stuff you’ve bought? What sort of extras would really make you happy?

24 thoughts on “That first treat at A Bitty Better

  1. My favorite chair is the one I live in–my nest, my recliner. It is electric and will stand me up when my shoulders hurt too much to do the manual thingy. My kids gave it to me for Christmas after I shattered my shoulder and wasn’t able to get out of a regular recliner or my bed, and I’ve lived in it since then. That was Christmas of 2013, or maybe 12. Thankfully it is all becoming blurred in my brain now, just like the constant pain is a blur most of the time.
    I love Karen’s chair and ottoman. The colors are terrific and perfect with the rest of the room. I think my room is all beige, except the glider and ottoman I inherited from my Mom. It’s my fave color — green, and fits right in with the darker and lighter beiges. It’s exciting watching your home coming together in reverse, lol. Back to your future now.


  2. Uh oh. Never go to Raymour & Flanagan to just look around because you need one chair. I did that a couple of years back because my dresser broke and I wanted a new one. I came home with a whole bedroom full of new furniture. Then after our renovations, I went to look for a new couch because Puppy Cody had eaten ours. I came home with new furniture for the entire downstairs. I can’t even blame the sales people – they didn’t try to push me at all. But Raymour just has so much really nice stuff at such reasonable prices! I don’t regret my purchases – after 20 years of yard sale décor, I figure I deserve a nicer environment. You do, too – enjoy your new chairs!


  3. Ooooh, this is the fun part of moving, indulging in new items!! What great choices for each of you. Tell Mrs. B that I love her funky choice!! The ottoman is a must! And what a perfect chair for you with all those surprise gadgets! You guys are all set! 😀


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