Amid the joy of new, parting from The Little Bitty and sweet sorrow

I knew the moment would come when I had to say goodbye to The Little Bitty.

And I knew I would be very sad.

This kind house in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood did me and my dear wife Karen right.

For a dozen years, it kept us safe and comfortable.

Inside its walls we laughed and we cried.

We lost people we loved and hugged each other tight.

We rebuilt the physical surroundings to our liking and our souls rebounded.

I got laid off from the big daily and worked a stretch of time with my living room recliner doubling as my office chair for my freelance duties as I reinvented my work life. The karma was so good I was able to land a job at Lowe’s and then fit in so well now with the communications department of the Liverpool Public Library.

Cherished pets bounded in and out of its rooms and yard and then passed as they do. We mourned them, and then found beloved rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle to become an invaluable addition to our family.

We met Good Neighbor Tim and his Wonderful Wife Lorraine, always ready with a kind word, gesture, advice and helping hand.

You may have read about these life moments since February 2013 here on The Little Bitty was a major character.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

And now the keys were in the kitchen drawer. The place was empty of our belongings. My head and heart were full. Tears spilled from my eyes. Karen refused to get in the last selfie at The Little Bitty.

Before pulling out of the driveway for the last time.

Before pulling out of the driveway for the last time.

Now our marvelous friend Michelle gets her turn making this house in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood hers. Be well, Michelle, in this house that has much to give.

More to come tomorrow.

Which place have you lived in that was hardest to say goodbye to, and why?

40 thoughts on “Amid the joy of new, parting from The Little Bitty and sweet sorrow

  1. The place I’ve never said “goodbye” to, Mark. The house on the farm. I just packed up and left in such a hurry I never looked back, even though I’ve been back as a guest. I’ve only lived a few places in my lifetime–4 that were considered permanent. The first was the one where I was a baby, the second was where I grew up, 3rd was the farm and this is the 4th. There were 4 between the farm and here but they were transitional, never really home, just a place to sleep between working hours. Okay, back to yesterday once more.


  2. The hardest move for us was the house we built with our own hands (I was painting and laying tile at 6 months pregnant!) that we lived in for 12 years, raised our daughter, and lost it in foreclosure during the housing bust. I am happy for you to have a better farewell.


  3. Oh Mr. B, that must have been very sad! You were always so proud of this home and gave it plenty of TLC. I think it’s such a bonus that your friend Michelle will be living there so that you will be able to visit her and it. Onward & Upward!! ❤️


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  5. Oh, I know how you feel, Mark. The walls of “home” really hold us, don’t they.

    I’ve never got over it when my parents sold my childhood home. We moved in on Halloween 1963, and they left in July 1977. I still miss the place. Home is home.


  6. Onto more happiness for you, I hope 🙂 Good luck in your new digs! 🙂 I’ve never felt that way about a house, but I do about this one. I feel like this house and me, we are meant to be.


  7. Oh Mark, I totally understand.. leaving my childhood home was a tough day.. you will always have the Little Bitty to remember fondly in your mind. Wishing you and Karen a wonderful time ahead in the new homestead 🙂


  8. I am a Little Bitty sad too, Mark. But I’m feeling a Bitty Better that your friend Michelle would be living there. May it be a wonderful new beginning in Bitty Better for you and Karen.╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡


  9. Leaving the family home was hardest for me when I went to College, after my Freshman year an apartment (by myself) was wonderful but I missed home. After I graduated, married, we bought our current (and only home) 30 miles from my home town. I will NEVER leave this home!!! I imagine for you both Little Bitty meant a great deal-just carry those memories along to the Bitty Better-all is good Terp!!! Be happy and safe there in Liverpool and create a whole set of new memories! Gatorette


  10. I have so many stories of good bye to homes. Need to go get the Kleenex, Mark. I might not be back ? 💘
    p.s. Lovely that you have a friend that will now own the Little Bitty…that is special, and seldom happens to any of us. ☺


  11. Our last house was the hardest to say goodbye to. Raised the kids there. One of the grands lived there with their family. Leaving felt like leaving part of our life. But….new things awaited.

    I wish for you and DWK and Miss Ellie a life of joy and adventure in the new Bitty Better Home, MBM. ❤


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