Giving A Bitty Better the special (window) treatment

My dear wife Karen and I couldn’t live for a whole week in A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville leaving certain windows bare, now, could we? Hey, now, the ones up front were covered quickly with sheets. Modest, we are.

But the first full weekend after moving from The Little Bitty, we took a trip to Lowe’s and purchased some nice curtains for both living room windows. Or maybe they’re drapes. Window treatments, even. And we bought the second panel for the official covering that will go on the front kitchen window as well. Karen had bought one the day previously, thinking it would do the job by itself. Not quite enough.

One closed, one open.

One closed, one open.

We think we nailed the perfect color to blend with our new recliner, chair with ottoman, and covering for the couch.

Blue or green?

Blue or green?

We think they’re blue, with a hint of green in them.

Touch of gray.

Touch of gray.

In the kitchen, we went for the deeper gray.

Yes, my dear wife.

Yes, my dear wife.

Karen also found a wall hanging that I find endearing.

Two sides of our vacations.

Two sides of our vacations.

It’s a good sentiment on a wall opposite our photo galleries from moments we captured ourselves in Hawaii and Colorado.

There are more walls to cover.

What do you have covering your windows, and why? What do you have hanging on your walls, and why? What else should we put up?


7 thoughts on “Giving A Bitty Better the special (window) treatment

  1. it’s been great fun watching you move into your house and make it into a home. i think you should make a photo book for yourselves, of the progress as you go. b2 is really coming along and you are making it very personal and your own. p.s. if you make cupcakes there, would the mix be called ‘bitty better batter”?

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  2. Gotta have curtains, Mark. That was the final touch to my newly renovated house. I knew exactly what I wanted and then had to go out and find it. For the kitchen and bath, I could only find the right curtains online. I don’t normally shop for stuff like that online, but I took and chance, and there were absolutely perfect! Sounds like you and Karen are having a lot of fun decorating the Bitty Better, and I’m enjoying your posts.


  3. I really have some catching up to do little brother. You’ve moved? That’t big stuff! I’m moving back in time here, so I’ll probably get to that one soon. Love your window treatments, esp. the living room. The photo looks blue to me, but I’ve learned from experience that photos often filter out some colors. I esp. love the wall art from Karen.
    My windows have mini blinds, very much hated–but they came with the apartment, and I’m not gonna change them cause that would require climbing on something. If I felt like climbing on something I would wash the windows before I put up window treatment. Management is supposed to wash windows, but in my almost 14 years here they haven’t done it yet, so I’m not holding my breath on that one. I clean them as high as I can reach and if anyone complains I tell them where to find the cleaning supplies and point the way to the door. Or let them know when they start paying the rent here they can start telling me what to do. I’ve developed fangs lately — like a Wildcat! Take care. I’m going back another day here.


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