Do they have to play the second half?

Fly my Maryland Flag

Fly my Maryland Flag

When my bowling teammate and good friend Randy asked me this week if I thought Syracuse had a chance this weekend in its college football game against Clemson, I shook my head emphatically and said, nope.

Clemson would win 70-0, I said. Too big, too strong, too fast are the undefeated and No. 2-ranked Tigers, I predicted.

And I’m a Syracuse fan, this Maryland Terrapin alum living in Orange country.

Nobody asked me, but if somebody had, I would have come up with a similar guess for my Terps’ game against the unbeaten and No. 3 Michigan this afternoon.

And yet I fly my Maryland Terrapins banner in front of A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville on this college football Saturday. This being only the second Saturday my dear wife Karen and I live here and the first time the banner is up, I wonder what the neighbors think.

Anyway, at halftime, with my flipping channels between the games on my flat screen, between ABC and ESPN, the scores are: Michigan leads Maryland 35-0 and Clemson leads Syracuse 30-0.


Both starting quarterbacks for Maryland and Syracuse, Perry Hills and Eric Dungey, are out of the games with injuries.

My predictions are looking good as my teams are looking bad.

Who are you rooting for? How badly have your teams lost? Have you flown a banner for a team or cause, and if so, who or what?

13 thoughts on “Do they have to play the second half?

  1. I lucked out this year, Mark. The only two baseballs teams I have ever rooted for played each other in the World Series. It was Sophie’s Choice! But, am glad the Cubbies broke their 108-year streak. About darn time:).


  2. Hi bro Mark. I’ve been having computer probs, and MIA for a long time. Still too slow to post, but at least I can catch up on my reader now. And I’m sure you already know my opinion on football–they really don’t need the first half. Just give everyone their own little ball and their own little section of ground and let them play to their hearts content. Nobody gets hurt that way, it doesn’t take 6 hours to play a 45 minute game, and the fans don’t freeze their, um, butts off during the time out while the players are getting off each other. Shucky dern, even basketball, which I tolerate, is getting violent now. You guys should all take up knitting or hooking (crochet for the uneducated members). Take care of you and Karen. Hope you have a good winter without all the heavy storms. I’m getting ready to hibernate now. It’s getting to be that time and I’m ready!


      • You know I just love to tease you about the football thing, bro Mark. I’m finding back doors into the blog, and managed to get one posted by using the new format yesterday. It just doesn’t like the old format any more. I’m probably going to have to reset the computer back to factory default, but only after I back up all of my photos and files. That way I won’t lose anything and can add back only what I need while saving my photos.


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