A sign of the times in downtown Syracuse

Seen on a work stroll from car to the Central branch of the Onondaga County Public Library on South Salina Street in downtown Syracuse was a sign on top of an otherwise nondescript general merchandise store.

Sign of the times.

Sign of the times.

This, my friends, is a sign of our times.

No run-of-the-mill 5 and 10 store this, those of you who remember the days when these type of places were named after merchandise you could buy for a nickel and a dime.

No, this Central Variety is …

Caught it yet?

No Bar. No Gin. Bargains? perhaps.

Don’t know. I did not poke my head inside. I had someplace to be. No time to see what a Bargin Center sells. Dictionaries, I doubt.

If you’ve noticed a misspelled sign, please share. Do you think this sign is on-purpose, or a mistake? Do you think the owner or anybody else but me cares one way or the other?

24 thoughts on “A sign of the times in downtown Syracuse

  1. could be a second language, doesn’t look like a cute, quirky, trendy ad angle. or – maybe they wanted people to drop in and were trying to spell ‘barge-in.’?)


  2. I’ve seen tons of misspellings on signs and wondered the same thing myself. These things are created by someone and then passed on to at least one other person to create. You would think that somewhere along the line someone would have pointed out the error!


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