Say hello to the Limp Lizard bowling squad

The Limp Lizard in Liverpool.

The Limp Lizard in Liverpool.

I am quite happy with the new sponsor of our squad in the Thursday Night Men’s Bowling League at Bowling Green in North Syracuse.

Limp Lizard has replaced Cici’s. Thankfully. At long last, in my book. We rolled an entire season not receiving anything from the buffet pizza franchise that closed its Syracuse area locations long ago.

Now we have very cool team shirts from the barbecue joint and bar that started on the west side of Syracuse and now has a handful of other locations around town, including just a block away from my job at the Liverpool Public Library.

Flat Stanley goes bowling.

Flat Stanley goes bowling.

That last nugget is why I brought Flat Stanley Grace Flenere to the lanes a couple of weeks back. Who? What? Why? I’m going to post more about Flat Stanley later this week.

Anyway, I’ll right more about actual results on the lanes … another time. A quick recap: Randy was injured and missed the first four weeks of the season. We’re just now rounding into form, Steve and Tiny and Tom and I, too. Personally, I’ve had some great games – a 236 in week two – and some not so great. And there was that week I missed for the cruise …

14 thoughts on “Say hello to the Limp Lizard bowling squad

  1. I sure know who Flat Stanley is! Before we got married and had a kid, hubby and I were on the Bahama Mama bowling league in Florida. No prize for the winning team, but all teams got to go on a free three-day cruise to the Bahamas from our entry and league fees. My kind of league! Which was certainly a good thong as my bowling score would be a good golf score, and my golf score would be a good bowling score, LOL!


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