Back on course at last

From May to September.

That’s how long it took me to return to the golf course with my pals this summer.

Busy for all of us, yes.

In fact, that’s how long it took me to get back on the golf course at all, what with this great new job at the Liverpool Public Library with which to settle in.

Tater, he’s dealing with something unfortunately similar to what I went through in 2013. He was laid off from the big daily after decades of loyal, hard work. Now he’s searching for new employment at an age when … Well, you’ve read about it right here for years. He’s already found seasonal work serving folks cider and social media posts up at Beak N Skiff, a great orchard and product producer to the east of Syracuse.

KP, he’s dealing with something similar to my dear wife Karen, working with the change in the job duties that came at SMG as a result of losing those people. Tater worked for him.

We still are our selfies.

We still are our selfies.

Radisson Greens Golf Course on a sunny September Sunday sure was a nice outing for all of us.

The fair way.

The fair way.

We were back into our friendly rhythm on the first hole.

Did you keep up with your regular summer activities this year? What’s your favorite friend get-together? Is is still good outdoor weather in your part of the world?

11 thoughts on “Back on course at last

  1. i’m so glad that you all have each other to listen, to lean on, to support each other and to just have fun together no matter what happens. p.s. the weather is beautiful here too )


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