Shine on, almost Harvest Moon

I was hit with this startling sight in downtown Syracuse when my dear wife Karen and I stepped out of the Landmark Theatre after seeing Jersey Boys Friday night.

Full moon over South Salina Street in Syracuse, N.Y.

Full moon over South Salina Street in Syracuse, N.Y.

I believe we were one night past the official Harvest Moon here in the Northern Hemisphere.

I know it was a beautiful nearly full moon over the city I’ve called home since 1983. We walked to the car and drove straight home to the Little Bitty in the city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Did you get a view of the Harvest Moon? Where was the best look you took of a full moon? Do you act differently during a full moon?

6 thoughts on “Shine on, almost Harvest Moon

  1. It was beautiful Mark. I was late coming home from te hospital, it was dark and the driver actually pointed out the moon. The when I got home I had a friend over and he also got me to go outside to look. Whenever I see a moon like that the first thought that occurs to me is how many friends I have who are also looking at it and seeing the same moon as I am even though they may be 100’s or 1,000’s of miles away. It is a very warming thought.

    Full moons – absolutely they affect human behavior. When I was driving a bread truck putting myself through university, I had a rural route one full moon and I was running late and it was dark as I was new to the route(driver was on vacation). The very last stop on the route was an old facility for the criminally insane. It was warm so the windows were open (barred). When I pulled around back and got out, I could hear the howling and screaming. I went into the service entrance and found the cook. Typically in mental institutions there are patients who are fine to help unload and it is a part of their therapy to contribute. I asked if there were any helpers and the cook told me that in this facility all the patients were locked in their rooms during a full moon. He said the howling and screaming were typical of a full moon as well. They had tried having patients out on full moons but so many fights had started ad so much damage was done, that they gave up. Now this was 40 years ago and I am sure things have improved since then.

    Also when I was the safety director of a tanker company, we found that the number of accidents and incidents shot up during full moons. Our guys , who were well trained, seemed to get by OK – the problem was that others would run into our tankers at every opportunity.

    Great picture and fun post Mark.


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