The stadium looks cool from way up here

The first two trips my dear wife Karen and I took to CitiField, we sat on the right-field side of the Mets pretty ballpark.

So for the trip to meet the Long Island half of the family for a Mets-Nationals game on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, I picked a block of tickets in left field.

I’m always looking for different angles.

Look what's beyond.

Look what’s beyond.

On the stairway toward the top, we stopped to look back out toward the parking lot. And we spotted Arthur Ashe Stadium, where the U.S. Open in tennis was being played even as we gazed. And we also spotted the famous globe, which I first put my eyes open when it was part of the 1964 World’s Fair right near Shea Stadium. Look hard in the photo above, past the CitiField facade, and you can see the tennis building to the right and the hemisphere to the left.

The trip to our 300-level seats – which the Mets call the Promenande and I’ll call one small concrete separation from the 400-level upper deck – took an escalator, ramps and a few flights of stairs.

Elisabeth and George check out the rail.

Elisabeth and George check out the rail.

Once we stepped out, the view was indeed breath-taking

George takes his own photo of the field below.

George takes his own photo of the field below.

The view from my seat.

The view from my seat.

Straight down from the first row in our section of the Promenande.

Straight down from the first row in our section of the Promenande.

We figured we were in for an interesting look at the Mets vs. the Nationals, to be sure.

Yesterday, I wrote about meeting the family at CitiField In the coming days, I’ll post about the game and the post-game fireworks.

Where do you prefer to sit to watch a baseball game, and why? Where don’t you like to sit for a baseball game, and why? Which is your favorite photo, and why?


12 thoughts on “The stadium looks cool from way up here

  1. I love all your photos today, Mark. And I was at that World’s Fair, too. I’m realizing, now, that was a year after my first heart surgery and I was healthy and happy enough to have a wonderful time. Thanks for the memories. ❤


  2. Great pics, Mark. Never been to Citi Field, but I’ve seen that Unisphere, up close. The empty stadium, the Integrity sign…all lovely, would be even prettier with a few Phillies fans in those seats. ☺☺☺


    • The Mets-Phillies games always draw lots of fans of both teams no matter the city, Van. I know. I’ve made the trip to the old Veterans Stadium a few times myself.
      Yes, the Unisphere. That’s the name that was escaping me! Thank you, my friend. 🙂

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  3. I like the view from your seat best Mark. Very cool. I do not like sitting close to the field as i find my view of the action is obscured. Other than that I sit anywhere – no preferences.


  4. Thanks for those great photos, especially looking back on the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. Yes, the world’s fair Unisphere is still in the same spot, a beautiful fountain surrounds it in what is now called Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. In the park are also the tennis stadiums, the Hall of Science, the Queens museum and the New York City Building, home to the “Panorama” of New York City’s five boroughs, which you may remember from the world’s fair. People don’t think of Queens as a vacation destination, but there is a ton of stuff to do and an amazing diversity of excellent restaurants. I love Queens, even though I’m a Bronx boy!


  5. i loved your view and i like to sit up a bit with a good view so i would have been happy there for sure. you are lucky you had a chance to go to a world’s fair, it was always something i would have loved to have done.


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