A garden that bursts with beauty, love and hope

I took the photographs, wrote this post, and scheduled it to publish today before my sister Fran died last week. I’ll return soon to look with new eyes.

I’d pass the Butterfly Garden of Hope every time I drove up or down the Onondaga Lake Parkway and think that someday I’d like to stop and take a good look.

Especially in the weeks since I’ve started my job at the Liverpool Public Library, I’ve thought that a lot of beauty is going on in that spot hard by Onondaga Lake and just off the entrance of Onondaga Lake Park.

So I went with my iPhone 6 one day.


Butterfly Garden of Hope.

Butterfly Garden of Hope.

A spot to reflect.

A spot to reflect.

There’s a lot to take in at the Butterfly Garden of Hope.

The park is sponsored by the organization Hope for Bereaved, Inc., and it’s obvious that many people visit to pay respect to loved ones.

Benches are decorated with names, balloons, cherished keepsakes.

A feeling of longing and belonging.

A feeling of longing and belonging.

Everywhere you look, memories.

Everywhere you look, memories.

The feeling of honor and sadness and love settled into my chest, mind, soul.

I’ll never drive past idly again.

Hover over any gallery photo for a description. Click on a photo for an enlarged slide show.

Do you have a favorite garden spot to stop and reflect? Who would you be thinking about at your Garden of Hope? Which is your favorite photo, and why?

22 thoughts on “A garden that bursts with beauty, love and hope

  1. During the memorial service for my mother and others who had donated their bodies to science, butterflies were released. It was a beautiful moment. A Butterfly Garden for the Bereaved is a wonderful way to remember those who have passed. I wish we had one near me.


  2. Great shots, Mark! Such a beautiful garden. The second photo is my favorite. Over here, we have memorial parks where people pay thousands of dollars for a spot to cherish their loved ones. I buried my Rottweiler, Monster two years ago in the garden and every time I see a butterfly I know it’s him visiting us. I love butterflies – a reminder of love, joy and new beginnings. ╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡


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