Talking YouTube, Syracuse University football, the Heath Brothers and Neil Diamond

YouTube and its little view-counter fascinates me.

I can’t help it.

Friday night I enjoyed experiencing the Counting Crows and Rob Thomas with my dear wife Karen and our friends Michelle and Kristin at the Lakeview Amphitheater. I knew I was going to post my story about the experience here Saturday morning, so I put up three videos I shot with my iPhone 6 to my YouTube channel as soon as I got home. They take a while to load, and I wanted the embed codes to be ready when I was going to write when I awoke around 6:30 a.m.

When I went to YouTube to retrieve the codes, they’d already been viewed. Counting Crows’ ‘Round Here’ had been watched the most, more than 20 times. See. Told you I was fascinated.

Yesterday, we were supposed to go to the Syracuse football team’s annual Fan Fare. It’s a combo open practice and hootenanny for season-ticket-holders to get ready for the opening games. Unfortunately, the big-wigs canceled it because of the bad weather forecast.

That brings me to the video I shot of the team’s new offense installed by first-year coach Dino Babers at this year’s spring football game in the Carrier Dome.

That 1:12 of action above has, day by day, click by click, become my biggest success on YouTube. Right this second, its count stands at 2,901 views. Folks want to see what Coach Babers has brought here for this team.

On the other hand, one of my favorite clip runs eight minutes long and has gained just over 80 views. Two years ago, I shot from the very front of Onondaga Community College’s Storer Auditorium the jazz of the Heath Brothers.

They are an American treasure, and I was able to get inside their way with the world that day. I wish this one would go viral.

Which brings me to my favorite video. I posted it from Washington, D.C., after watching Neil Diamond at the Verizon Center with my dear wife Karen. The story was titled Hot April Night.

I put my camera on toward the end of the concert and kept shooting. I think I nailed it.

However, before putting it up on YouTube, I noticed that some Neil Diamond concert videos had been disabled. So I did not put his name on the headline or description. It did not get any secondary views in the WWW world.

So just now I went and edited the title and description, adding his name. Maybe more people will see it. Maybe it will be disabled.

YouTube views fascinate me.

What do you like to watch best on YouTube, and why? What concert clips do you view most? What should I shoot more?

13 thoughts on “Talking YouTube, Syracuse University football, the Heath Brothers and Neil Diamond

  1. Hi Mark, I’m stopping by from Blog Pitch Party. I have never posted anything on YouTube in my life and shew, I really need to get with the programme. As for the rest, I love Counting Crows and although I missed the Neil Diamond concert, I hear it was phenomenal to be there. What a voice!


      • I did actually listen to the Neil Diamond, and just for the hell of it, I’m listening again. Man, it is so so vibey, I am bopping along, showing my age!


  2. i like all kinds of performances, and on youtube usually music, though it does make me upset when things are taken down or no longer available. always worth trying though )


  3. I loved the Neil Diamond video. It brought back happy memories for me. I was so fortunate to see him live at a Bowling Center by the corner of Erie Blvd and Thompson Rd.. in the late 60’s. Neil was just starting his career and had two singles out that launched his career. He played in the back parking lot and Sam & the Twisters backed him up. I was married to Sam Amato at the time and got to meet him backstage…up close and personal. It was an experience I will never forget.


    • That’s a great memory, Christine. Sam was as popular as Neil was in Syracuse in the day, but obviously I don’t have to tell you that. Thanks for sharing that memory here. I feel privileged to have met Sam and known him a bit when I worked at the big daily. RIP.


  4. Youtube…a bit tricky for me. Many musical pieces I used in older posts were later removed, copyright issues. I took some time to go back and find other, more stable sources. Not sure about using them, Mark. ???


    • Yes, slippery slope, Van. If I shoot it myself at a concert, shaky phone video and all, I hope the artists think any publicity is good publicity. I understand that some tell YouTube to disable the videos. We’ll see. I don’t put any existing songs up from albums or anything like that because of copyright.

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