Latest Star Trek feels a lot like TV days, and that’s OK



Would Justin Lin make my favorite Star Trek crew members faster or more furious?

Yes, but it may take a while. And, well, maybe a little.

And in the case of Star Trek Beyond, the work of the director of the Fast and Furiousfranchise turned out to be a pretty nice touch for James T. Kirk, Spock and the gang.

Lin took over from J.J. Abrams for this 13th installment of the Star Trek movie series in the 50th anniversary year of the space travel story that started for me in my living room with dad Frank, dutifully watching William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy play Kirk and Spock every week.

And the this script co-written by Simon Pegg (who plays Montgomery “Scotty” Scott” and Doug Jung recaptures the feel of those TV days, I thought sitting in a fairly full Regal Cinemas theater for a 4:10 p.m. Friday showing at Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA.

This is the third film in which this cast takes on younger versions of Kirk and his faithful crew in an altered state of reality – younger versions of their prior movie selves.

A new kid in town. (From

A new kid in town. (From

Chris Pine as Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock have the Yin and Yang of those two down pat, the zealous, charismatic Enterprise leader and taciturn, pragmatic Vulcan tactician sidekick playing off each other’s strengths and hiding — maybe not even seeing — the weaknesses. In fact, all of the main crew has the needed chemistry for this original TV series fan to sign on, with Pegg’s brogued Scott and Karl Urban’s rogued Bones and Zoe Saldana’s bold Uhuru and John Cho’s schooled Sulu all-in for the Federation. There was a particular soft spot this afternoon for Chekov, well-done by Anton Yelchin in his last role before getting killed this year in a car accident.

They battle evil masterminded by Krall, played to a big chill by Idris Elba. He sends high-tech bees to cripple the Enterprise, separate the crew and strand them on a desolate planet. Some meet Jaylah, played wonderfully Sofia Boutella, an interestingly-skilled being whose family was done wrong captured previously by Krall’s bad army. Jaylah hangs Scott with his Montgomery Scotty name, and on they go to prove unity has its place in the universe and good will trump evil.

It all feels pretty low-tech. TV-like almost. Chummy.

But then they have to escape and save all. When Lin’s chase scenes kick in before the cheers, tears and moral ending, buckle up!

Are you more of a fan of Kirk’s Enterprise or Picard’s Next Generation, and why? Are you more of a fan of Shatner-Nimoy (RIP) Kirk and Spock or Pine-Quinto, and why? Are you more a fan of car chase scenes or space chase scenes, and why?

16 thoughts on “Latest Star Trek feels a lot like TV days, and that’s OK

  1. I like most of the Star Trek shows – old and new. They are different but still enjoyable. I prefer Picard as captain , he thinks more as I do – Kirk jumped in with both feet, Picard thinks it through.


  2. Mark, I’ve heard about a new theater that serves food with the movie. Have you reviewed that theater? Is it worth the extra cost? Would you recommend the drive from De Witt to go to a movie there?

    I’ll comment on the new Star Trek after I see it.

    Do you remember who said (wrote) “no kill I”?

    Mark R Sukoenig



    • Hey, Doc Mark. I have reviewed the Movie Tavern. I liked it. Look for the tag on my blog or type it in the search bar on the right side.

      I don’t know about “No Kill I” as I sit here getting ready to go to work. Sorry. Google later …


  3. Mark, I rarely read your movie reviews. Not because I don’t trust your judgment, but because I don’t ever read movie reviews. But I saw this one (a rarity for me) and loved it. I like pretty much all the casts — new and old. I think they cast the parts incredibly well, and the new one really lives up to the old.


  4. The new “kids” are doing a great job, but there is no beating the classics for me. And chase scenes of any kind ? Waste of space, time, and technology for me. Not a fan. Except…a good time to go for popcorn. ☺


  5. I am more of fan of Kirk’s Enterprise because that TV show had a huge effect on me when I was growing up. Same answer to your second question, Mark. And I’m more a fan of movie chases that show inventiveness and clarity than those that seem confusing and by-the-numbers. I’m a fan of your posts, of course.

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