A week to get well

The wonderful writer who usually fills this Sunday spot informs me that there will be no Cuppa coming from Paul Curran this morning. He’s not feeling up to hitting a grand slam this time around. Let’s all take a moment to wish him a great week in Canada. Feel better, good sir.

Paul Curran, taking this Sunday off from sharing his Cuppa.

Paul Curran, taking this Sunday off from sharing his Cuppa.

31 thoughts on “A week to get well

  1. Feel better fast Paul. Sure hope it’s not that horrible flu that seems to be hitting everyone and their Great Aunt Tillie around here.

    You take care also bro Mark.

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    • Thanks Angie. Naw, it’s a side effect of radiation treatment I had many years ago. There is scar tissue in my colon and when it stops, I am usually hospitalized but managed to tough it out at home this time but the nausea was wild.


      • That sounds like an ongoing thing Paul. Better off with flu, but I’m glad to hear you were able to stay away from hospitals. Too many people die in hospitals. Strange, huh? Anyway, nice to know you are better. I like your style.


    • thanks Elyse. It is a recurring problem that is a side affect of radiation treatment. I have scar tissue in my colon and if I eat too much fiber it stops. I’ve been hospitalized twice for it but I think this time I can get it to come around at home. The issue is the intense nausea that they medicate as an inpatient. At home it just has to be endured. It is not possible to write when that nauseous.

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