The big yard’s looking unique

I had to take an early summer checkup on the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood yard that my dear wife Karen and I admire so much for the roses.

Yes, the double-wide plot around the block from the Little Bitty looked good during a recent walk with Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle.

It’s not just roses this neighbor is cultivating, either.

Plenty going on.

Plenty going on.

There were other species dotting the several beds.

There was corn growing on the left clearing.

Lend me an ear.

Lend me an ear.

Not yet knee-high, but looking good all in a row was this city corn.

Talk about rotating your crops.

The big picture.

The big picture.

I consider this one of the more interesting yards in Eastwood, hands down.

What do you spot growing in this double-wide yard? Would you plant more or less if you owned this land? What would your garden strategy be here?

6 thoughts on “The big yard’s looking unique

  1. oh, i think it’s a fun mashup. i’d do a lot of trial and error probably. i’d love to have big herb and lavender garden if i had that space, and mix some perennials in with wildflowers. it could get real crazy!


  2. A garden – I am so bad at growing things. I don’t know what I would do with the property but gardening would not be an option.


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