A new iPad for Karen gets me thinking

New and improved

New and improved

My dear wife Karen went out during her week off and bought herself a new iPad.

I surely applaud the move. She’d been working with the hand-me-down gifted from my first iPad Air for almost two years now, and I had the beautiful piece of gadgetry for almost three years before I got the iPad 2 I’m typing on right this very second.

It was time.

Her new Apple technology looks sweet.

I had to go out with her to buy a new protective case.

Hover over either gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

Of course, I took to wandering in the store and thinking.

Too much.

Bigger, better?

Bigger, better?

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro caught my attention. I have had this iPad Air 2 for almost two years now. I do use it every day to write this blog and more. I don’t own a laptop anymore. The Logitech Bluetooth keyboard stand broke again on top. They gave Karen pretty good trade-in value on her iPad Air 1 …

Yeah, I’m really thinking too much.

How do you like Karen’s new iPad and case? Should I get another new keyboard for my iPad 2 or go for the iPad Pro? Or should a MacBook enter the equation?


25 thoughts on “A new iPad for Karen gets me thinking

  1. New Tech is so pretty. I often hang on until it is no longer usable. I know a lot of folks (including my Mum) who swear by Mac Books.


  2. I got all excited awhile back and let Sprint talk me into the free i-pad when I bought a new phone. I thought it would be great to carry around since I don’t have a smart phone and thus would have access to internet (mostly so I could check my own blog, of course). The excitement wore off within a month, the i-pad went into a drawer and hasn’t been used since. It does come in handy for traveling, however – or for those times when I really want to see what one my posts looks like on a device other than my PC. That’s just me, though – I’m sure Karen will enjoy, and use, hers.


  3. Wow, Karen’s ipad and case looks cool. I don’t own an ipad. I’m still using the old Macbook I bought 6 years ago but I really like the 13″ Macbook pro. I think Macbook would be great for you…you can call it MarkBook!


  4. I have an Amazon Kindle HDX and really like it but never use it for anything but reading books. Most of my work is done on my three HP PCs, which I really love, with their huge screens. Geoffrey has one of those dual laptops where the screen comes off and becomes a pad. Neither of us has bough Macs for years, except our iPods. So, I am not sure what the advantages are of one or another iPad. I think we are all headed for larger and smarter phones, and so I will wait for that day. But, I do think it is fun to get new toys. So congrats. And, if I were you, I would get a brand new device and upgrade. That’s my two centavos.


    • I am looking forward to the new phones, Beth. And am leaning to the new iPad as well. Yikes! Your two centavos are always welcome here. I need all the centavos I can get. 🙂


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