Screen gem presentation

I floated the idea right here just a few days ago. It was a dream, really, that notion that it was time to trade in my iPad Air 2 for the iPad Logic 12-inch model.

You can pretty much guess what I’m using to compose this blog post this wonderful Saturday afternoon, can’t you?

It all started when my dear wife Karen turned in her iPad Air – a hand-me-down from me, mind you, for a beautiful new model.

New screen for my dear wife.

New screen for my dear wife.

I blogged about the allure of the 12-inch iPad Pro model that caught my eye when we went so I could buy a hard case/stand for her new treasure. Reaction from those with experience using that new Apple model was good, particularly on my Facebook post, where my former LeMoyne College student Brant raved about his, telling me it was now the only computing tool he needed. And Brant is a from the tech-savvy generation.

My new treasure.

My new treasure.

So off Karen and I went this morning to the Apple Store in Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA. I had studied up online. I knew I wanted WiFi and cell-enable, top memory capacity. I take and store loads of photos and video for my blogging, and now for the Liverpool Public Library, too, and I can foresee the iPad taking some of that professional load in a pinch. I wanted the keyboard for typing. The Apple model, with magnets for attachment and powering, looked good online, better than the Logitech that kept breaking for me with my iPad Air and Air 2.

I only wanted to see in person if I preferred the black or beige fronting.

Black it is.

Pro and Air.

Pro and Air.

There they are side-by-side for size comparison, shot with my iPhone 6.

The top shot here of Karen’s iPad was taken with my new iPad Pro’s camera.

The shot of my iPad Pro was taken with Karen’s new iPad Air’s camera.

I was trying to be artsy by calling up the photo I shot of Karen’s iPad for the side-by-side shot with her iPad. Eh. I should have just called up the same picture on my iPad to compare Retina displays. Another time.

I hope to take many photos with and of this baby for this blog, after all.

So far, so great.

My files all loaded up from the cloud. The new keyboard has a nice touch, so far, although the spacing between keys is different, and I am tending to hit the Cap Lock key instead of the ‘a’ with left pinkie once in a while for some reason.

And, oh, it’s lovely reading from the bigger screen.

What do you think about a bigger tablet in general? Do you store a lot of photos in your mobile devices? What do you like typing on the best?

13 thoughts on “Screen gem presentation

  1. I have been organizing my photos on my laptop for some time now. Collecting eight years of photos from Facebook is tiresome. Eventually, I will upload them into a drive.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying your new gizmo πŸ˜€


  2. wow, i’m glad you pulled the trigger. i generally use my laptop for everything, with no mouse, and i’m quite comfortable with it. leaving next week for a trip to ireland with an iPad and have no idea where to begin, but i’m going to play with it before i leave. congrats to you!


  3. I’ve only ever gotten down as small as a laptop Mark. Your new iPad looks amazing. It sounds like it will be a great tool for work and for blogging. I look forward to more posts from your new workstation.


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