A big smile is the best present

My terrific daughter Elisabeth let me pick out the place for our Father’s Day meeting, so I chose Mac’s Local Yolk, the joint that the Syracuse owner transformed when IHOP pulled up its stakes down the road from Shoppingtown.

It worked for my dear wife Karen and I when we tried it our first time.

Elisabeth and her great significant George Three were happy to give it a go.

Cheese blintzes, local recipe.

Cheese blintzes, local recipe.

I went for the cheese blintzes this time. They had attracted me the initial visit. Oh, yeah, I had eggs and bacon, too, but felt no need to photograph that second plate.

The blintzes were tasty, but the rich cheese filled me up after two. I brought the third home. Karen ate it a few days later with jam she bought at the Liverpool Craft Extravaganza on top and liked it a lot.

George sprang for breakfast as his gift for me. Thank you, good sir!

Elisabeth and he also gave me a gift card to the Red Lobster. Score!

Beautiful custom frame.

Beautiful custom frame.

And my crafty daughter gussied up a picture frame to hold a 5 by 7 photo of the four of us on our trip last summer for Karen’s Family Reunion in Estes Park, Colo. She and Karen had a secret texting flurry behind my back about that one. Nice work, women in my life. It now sits proudly on my desk at the library. More on that to come in another post.

Elisabeth, George and I with her new Soul.

Elisabeth, George and I with her new Soul.

But the best gift of all was seeing how happy my daughter was in person standing with her new Kia Soul.

She obviously loves that pretty gray car. It looks sturdy, too.

If you’ve ever eaten a cheese blintz, what do you think of it? If you gave or got this Father’s Day, what were the gifts? Do you like the color Elisabeth picked out, for the frame and the car?

18 thoughts on “A big smile is the best present

  1. Great post, Mark, remembering a great day! The blintzes looked wonderful – I haven’t eaten too many of those. Your daughter did a wonderful job on the frame, and love the car! I talked to my dad on the phone for an hour, as he lives 16 hrs away by car. My daughter had us over for an early dinner of beef fajitas that she grilled herself, while the grandbabies read to us, braided my hair, and gave us check-ups with their Doc McStuffins’ doctor kits πŸ™‚ And the kids (daughter & husband) gave my husband a gift card to his favorite place to target shoot.

    LOVE family time!!! ❀


  2. So cheerful and pretty and yummy, all of it. I especially love that Kia Soul! Great car. It seems like a perfect Father’s Day, Mark.

    Blintzes. I haven’t had too many but they do look delicious. I like fruit jam or compote on anything.

    And that name, Local Yolk – brilliant!


  3. We didn’t do anything special for The Mister. He took a very long nap on the sofa and we girls went shopping. We don’t celebrate most holiday type things.
    I like a cheese blintz, but not more than I love all the savories at breakfast.
    Frame is lovely — very thoughtful.
    Car is dreamy! I love our Kia, she’s been good to us. πŸ™‚


  4. love the post and its local focus–down to your Doubledays shirt and George’s Chiefs shirt! Gotta try the yolk–love blintzes! Poles call ’em nalesniki (probably got the spelling wrong) and my father in law whips up some great ones. Thanks Mark!


      • Hi Mark, all the stuff of life carried on per usual today – the news is full of post referendum interviews. It was a close result and that is possibly the worst thing in the short term. I am rapidly going off facebook at the moment as there is so much anger at those who voted to leave. But that’s how democracy works. The govt took a risk and it didn’t go the way they expected. The ‘leavers’ didn’t expect to win and the ‘remainers’ didn’t expect to lose. Shock all round.


  5. what a lovely father’s day and what a lovely family you have, mark. my father has passed, but i always talk to my sons-in-law on this special day and tell them what wonderful fathers(and husbands) they are to my daughters and how lucky we are to have them in our family. i’ve only had a cheese blintz once, and you’re right, it’s pretty filling. i love her car color because it’s the same as mine )


  6. Blintzes – Yum! I actually got introduced to blintzes in Boston. I had a girlfriend who lived there and she took me downtown to the renovated commercial space and fed me blintzes. We sat and chatted all afternoon while we ate blintzes and drank wine. They had delicious paper-thin pastry wrapped around the creme cheese and flavors like fresh strawberry, etc.

    Love the picture frame and the color of Elizabeth’s car. I chose that color the last car I bought because it is bright and cheery plus it shows very little dirt in summer or salt in winter. There are a lot of cars that color in town here.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Father’s Day Mark. You have a great family.


    • The best blintz indeed starts with a paper-thin crepe, Paul. You got that right!

      And Elisabeth will love that color car around here in the winter, indeed.

      Thank you for your kind words on my wonderful family, my friend. πŸ™‚ Much appreciated.

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