A new Local joint for Yolks and more, and we hop to Mac’s

For more than a year now, my dear wife Karen and I have lamented the move of IHOP from its cozy corner location at the intersections of Erie Boulevard East and Route 5 to Syracuse’s mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA.

The big mall is wonderful for many things, we both agree, but breakfast pancakes and eggs before or after a movie or shopping from that familiar and otherwise comfortable chain has not been one of them. Slow service and sterile surroundings, for starters.

We liked the somewhat tired but always popular stand-alone spot actually sat in the east suburb of DeWitt, just off “the other” mall, Shoppingtown.

Mac's Local Yolk, called a breakfast spot and a deli.

Mac’s Local Yolk, called a breakfast spot and a deli.

Then Karen spotted at last a new eatery had taken over the grounds.

Mac’s Local Yolks, the sign said as we pulled up before I had to head off for an afternoon Sunday shift at the store, and it promised not only breakfast food, but a deli as well.

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The new folks had spruced the place up, menu-wise as well as the decor. The wall hangings were far past International House of Pancakes in theme, honoring the locale. Some paintings had hand-written letters from artists beside them, too. That was a nice touch. (All of those were next to busy tables, and I didn’t want to disturb those patrons to request to take a photo.)

Local in theme.

Local in theme.

We were hungry for breakfast, and even told the waitress that if all went well, we’d be back again because we’d both picked a second morning meal we also coveted. For Karen, it was the blintzes. For me, the potato pancakes with applesauce and sour cream.

We’ll be back, despite a few quibbles. The food was that good.

Karen’s pancakes with pecans likely were the best of show.

The bacon was crispy the way we both like it, too, but it didn’t come out with the first stage of the order. We had to remind our waitress we both had ordered two slices.

My eggs-over-easy were exactly as I prefer, but I received two despite the fact that I’d ordered three. The sausage links were warm and spiced well. The French toast was thick and soft. Yum. And my sugar-free syrup came with the first place. Bonus points there.

The waitress made sure to point out that she’d only charged us for the two-egg special when she brought the check, as I requested when she sat the plate in front of me.

Good advertising.

Good advertising.

We may give Mac’s a try later in the day, too. The well-placed sell for the daily specials whet that appetite.

Change is good.

Change is good.

The big foyer chalkboard where they can change their alerts any time they want is a nice touch, too, I thought as we departed. Bagels. Hmmmm. A third time for breakfast?

Which breakfast plate looked best to you, and why? Which menu item caught your eye the most, and why? Do you prefer in-mall eating trips or stand-alone restaurants, and why?

33 thoughts on “A new Local joint for Yolks and more, and we hop to Mac’s

  1. I appreciate a good diner. When I’m in Jamesville visiting a friend there’s a great one that we always visit. I wish I could remember the name. Anyway, I saw you mentioned Syracuse in a tweet. I’m originally from Syracuse and now live in Rochester. It’s nice to meet you. I find so few “local” bloggers online.


  2. The one thing I enjoyed when we were going back and forth to Binghamton (when my kid was in college) was being able to eat breakfast at a restaurant. I love restaurant breakfast! I can indulge (eggs, pancakes AND bacon) without the clean-up. I also enjoy non-chain restaurants, but they’re getting harder and harder to find. Sounds like you found a good one.


  3. Looks yummy I am a stand-alone, non-franchise breakfast place person. I always order the same thing. Two eggs over easy, sourdough toast (dry, with butter on the side – I hate soggy toast) and a cup of coffee. Funny thing is – that meal can keep me going until dinner. Your breakfast plate looks the best to me!


  4. Oh give me the stand alone, Independent eatery every time. The one item I noticed was the Salmon cake special priced at $10.95. Seemed rather high to me but the other prices on the menu seemed fine. Oh well maybe I am just lucky. Oh I saw The Force Awakens a second time with my eldest Grand daughter. The sick one that missed the first showing. Saw it in IMAX 3D. boy o boy it was even better the second time around. Almost worth the 25 bucks for tickets. How is IMAX 3D different from regular 3D?


    • Is the IMAX screen bigger at your theater? That’s the difference, I think, Benson. I have an eye problem that keeps me from enjoying the 3D craze, unfortunately, but we do have an IMAX theater here with the huge curved screen that allows me to get that full power.

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      • Shoot I don’t know. No more times than I have been to the movies I am clueless. Shame about you eyes. I thought for the most part the effect worked. Now I remember the charm of the big screen.


  5. I’m a fried bologna kind of guy – three slices with two poached eggs, french toast and juice and milk. Yum. The restaurant looks really comfortable Mark.


  6. i’m a pecan pancake lover and indulge once in a while in this delicious treat – that would get my vote! i prefer the stand-alone, though the mall locations offer a simple place to stop when you are already at the mall. you have made me hungry once again )


  7. I ALWAYS prefer a local eatery to a chain! I confess, I’ve never gotten into IHOP, probably because I’m not a big pancake fan. We don’t go out for breakfast nearly as much as we did when I worked retail hours, alas!


    • Yes, no pancakes on the plate, no need for IHOP, Cynthia.
      And local is great over there in your Mohawk Valley. New hours? I must go visit your place. My new retail job hours has kept me away too long.


      • Oh, I haven’t worked retail hours since 2011. I work in a factory now, Monday through Friday days. Local certainly is great around here. In fact, I may be treating myself to lunch somewhere swell later on today.


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