My daughter’s got Soul

The text came in Wednesday night, with the happy photo.

My terrific daughter Elisabeth was at the car lot. She’d been handed over the keys to her first brand new car.

Brand new ride.

Brand new ride.

At 26 years old, Elisabeth drove home her Kia Soul, the one she picked out herself. Yes, wonderful significant George Three shared some of the car lot shopping duties with her, but the choice and buying and signing was all her own doing.

Now that she’s wrapping up her last clinical for that physical therapist assistant degree from Onondaga Community College at her chosen workplace, with the fulltime job and the end of the rainbow right there, it all makes place.

The trusty Chevy Malibu gifted to her four years ago from my dear wife Karen is now going to lifelong family friend Bailey, a teenager ready for the cool ride. Good job spreading the love, dear daughter.

“It’s staying in the family,” Elisabeth points out. Hooray.

It’s a great time all around.

Congratulations, Elisabeth. Drive that Soul proudly. And safely.

What was your first brand new car bought yourself? What will be your next brand new car? Who may have you gifted with a car?


23 thoughts on “My daughter’s got Soul

  1. Ahhh, brings back memories. That is awesome Mark. What an interesting name for a car – Soul. Ha! Gotta love KIA for doing that. Let’s hope it is as solid and kind as Elizabeth’s soul.


  2. My first brand new car is my current car: 2006 Scion xb, with 130K on it now. I am hoping it lasts another few years or more. I really want a Camaro or Challenger. Practicality will probably win out over sporty thunder though when I go to buy sometime next year.


  3. My first brand new car ever (and bought by me) was a Mazda Miata convertible. I drove all the goody out of it over 17 years, but I loved that car. One day I will have another convertible. 🙂


  4. The Soul is a great car. When we decided to give my husband’s Subaru Forester to our son Jacob (who totaled HIS Forester in a snowstorm), my husband bought himself a Soul. We love it!


  5. An exciting and proud moment for sure!! The 1st new vehicle we ever bought was a Chevy S-10 – we special ordered it the color we wanted inside (gray) & out (black), with a standard transmission & NO radio, as we were putting our own “bad boy” stereo system in (Blaupunkt). We had to wait a little extra time for it, but it didn’t cost any extra. Lord, that was so long ago, I don’t recall what year it was, but it was several years before our daughter was born, so maybe 1983 or thereabouts. Not sure I will ever own another new car, though the last one I bought in 2004 was the nicest (& fastest) I’ve ever owned & the most expensive – I know I will never buy another car like that again (Nissan Altima Sport with the 350Z motor in it). My daughter recently bought a KIA SUV & it is real nice with a great warranty. And I have given a car away – to my sister when we were both still young (late teens and early 20s).

    Congrats Elisabeth!!


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