A beautiful day at the market, under a stark blue sky

We’re running a Farmers Market at the library three times this summer, and our chief organizer still hopes to sign up a vendor or three before the first edition on Monday, June 27.

I volunteered to extend my lunch break a bit and run down to the first edition of the weekly downtown Syracuse version in Clinton Square, and use my position in public information to do a bit of pitching.

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It was a beautiful day for lunchtime shoppers to consider the fruits, vegetables and other products these sellers were hawking. The sky was a vivid blue as I walked the square, asking owners and managers if they’d be interested in coming to the Liverpool Public Library from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Oon June 27, July 26 and Aug. 22, out on our Dinosaur Garden lawn if the weather’s nice those Monday’s, inside the Carman Community Room if it’s bad out. I had four takers for the registration flyers I’d brought with me. We’ll see if any of them join the eight already committed for our evening fun.

For added incentive to come by the library’s market those three Mondays: They are also Liverpool Is the Place concert nights at Johnson Park across the street, where large crowds gather for the music. Just saying.

I also noticed a moe somber side of the square.

The flag sat at half-staff for those killed and injured over the weekend at the Pulse Club in Orlando, another senseless tragedy for which we weep.

And there was an Army ceremony on this Flag Day for a group of Soldiers, too, with the Clinton Square Sailors and Soldiers monument at one end and the shortened flag on its pole at the other.

I bowed my head as I took photos with my iPhone 6. RIP, those who died in Orlando. Thank you, those who have and do serve.

What would you buy at the Farmers Market? How can we stop this senseless violence in our world? What do you think of regular life and the tribute going on side-by-side?

10 thoughts on “A beautiful day at the market, under a stark blue sky

  1. Great idea having the Farmer’s Market at the same time as the concerts – this should definitely pull in more shoppers 🙂 I’m not going to comment on the violence, at least not right now – other than to say, as a gun owner and enthusiast the fact that those on the suspected terrorist watch list and no-fly list are allowed to buy weapons strikes me as absurd – no one with a brain & a clear conscience (because they have not been “rewarded” in some way shape or form by the NRA) would support this. And yes, I know people are sometimes erroneously put on these lists – I have a friend who is in her 60s that was adopted as a small child from Germany & because she can’t find her birth certificate can no longer get her driver’s license (it lapsed for a few years while she was fighting cancer) and was informed she is now on the no-fly list.

    Speaking of Farmer’s Markets, I am close to having enough inventory to get a booth to sell my jams & apple butter. 🙂


  2. Our farmer’s market is in the parking lot of the high school, located next to the library. I seldom go because it’s Saturday morning and I prefer to sleep in.
    When I lived in Georgia, it was in the city square on Thursday nights and I went religiously. I bought pretty much everything, but I especially loved the fresh figs and the jam lady. I don’t know the jam lady’s name, but she not only made jam, but had fresh eggs, and homemade candies. I miss her, I do.


  3. Beautiful photos, we have a farmers market once a week in our town, and on other days we have European and worldwide markets too. They are always interesting.
    As to this stupid world I despair, I find this video hard to watch but it says a lot!


  4. i love the idea of the farmer’s market at the library, and the tribute there as well. to me, it shows how everything in life (and death) is connected, and it reminds us of that. very sad things happen and happy life goes on, stronger in spite of it.


  5. I love Farmer Markets Mark. I buy fresh tomatoes and lettuce and whatever other products are available. Even the smell is heavenly. I spent many years hauling fruit and vegetables and can really appreciate a good offering.

    Senseless violence is an important part of our society Mark. You see freedom and Abuse of freedom are two sides to the same coin. The violence is a clear statement that the freedom still exists. That said, obviously the actions themselves are abhorrent. The only way to reduce these vicious attacks is to limit the ability of the attackers to succeed. In this case, the presence of an automatic assault rifle caused the majority of the deaths. An obvious suggestion would be to limit access to such weapons. No other country in the world allows such weapons to be legally purchased by regular citizens.

    Warming: There will be those (especially the wealthy) who will insist that the only way to limit attacks would be to remove the freedom. Don’t fall for that.

    i think that the only way to process such horrific incidents is to carry on with regular life -not to forget but to reaffirm the freedoms in which those who died believed.


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