Good dog, you

Normally when Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle comes across another canine in our walks around our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood, she goes at least a little off the center stripe.

Oh, so calm.

Oh, so calm.

But not when the old dog above crossed our path.

Or didn’t bother to get in our way, rather.

And I don’t know if it’s an old dog. But its docile nature kept it up on its own driveway. Uninterested in our doings. And Ellie B, in turn, didn’t bat an eye. Maybe they traded an unbarked message to each other.

In any case, it sure was nice not to have to yank my leashed beloved rescue mutt more quickly down the street.

Do you think dogs can read each others’ intentions from afar? Do you think another day, this dog above might come charging down the driveway to greet Ellie B? Can you or I teach an old dog new tricks?

20 thoughts on “Good dog, you

  1. Our dog is such a spaz sometimes, that I wouldn’t begin to try & anticipate what he (or any other dog) might be thinking . . . which is exactly why I don’t walk him – my husband does that 🙂


  2. Small town, you pass the same walkers and dogs all the time. Some dogs ours cowers before, some she loves, others she full-on hates. Like going through the plate glass window when this dog just passes the house. Don’t know why.


    • Ellie B, too, has a range of tolerance for pets and people on parade past the Little Bitty. Go figure, Ross. The guy carrying the bologna sandwich, yeah, she wants to go through the picture window.

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  3. Absolutely dogs can read each other’s intentions – maybe through body language or facial expressions or actions – hard to tell, but it is there. Actually there has been a fair bit of study made of this in other animals – like dogs and polar bears. Typically dogs will see Polar Bears as a threat to themselves and their human owners, and will act very aggressively towards the bears. And the bears are looking for food and see the dogs and humans as lunch.

    Upon occasion the bears and dogs will express an entirely different behavior pattern and will start to play with each other. Somehow each knows what the other is thinking and will participate\



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