Not so mighty tacos

I like the name and the shirts.

I like the name and the shirts.

The new addition to the Central New York takeout food parade caught my attention as I drove down Route 11 coming home from the store one day.

Mighty Taco.

Didn’t you have those out in California?, I quizzed me dear wife Karen.

She concurred.

We went this past Saturday of our three-day holiday weekend, after a return to the store to pick up some fix-it stuff.

The choices.

The choices.

We went inside to eat because the dashboard readout on my Chevy Cruze read 101º F.

After reading the new-to-us menu — Karen’s lived here since the 80s, like me — Karen went with a white-wrap beef burrito. I chose two beef tacos and a wheat-wrap burrito.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

The food looked better than it tasted.

We both pretty much hated the meat filling, which Karen rightly pointed out immediately as much too sweet.

The cheese looked and tasted like a slice of unwrapped-from-cellophane American.

The wheat wrap’s flavor was overwhelmingly wheaty.

The plus-side had fresh veggies and crunchy taco shells. I ordered medium salsa in both, and they packed so much heat that I had to suck down my fountain Diet Pepsi. Yes, to me that’s a plus, but I’m glad I didn’t go with the hot. Oh, yes, the T-shirts looked pretty cool.

Taco Bell need not worry about our business when it comes to fast-food Mexican.

Have you ever eaten at a Mighty Taco, and if so, what did you think? What’s your go-to Mexican order? Are you a mild, medium or hot salsa person?

28 thoughts on “Not so mighty tacos

  1. We don’t have Mighty Taco here, at least not in my part of Texas – but we have too many good Mexican restaurants here to buy tacos from a drive through (in my opinion anyway 😉 ) I don’t even remember the last time I ate a taco from Taco Bell . . . decades maybe . . .
    And, no offense my friend – not sure what New York tacos would taste like 😉 I have found, the farther I am from Texas, the worse the Mexican food gets LOL!


  2. Not sure about California, but I first discovered MT in Buffalo, when the Flashcubes played there in the late-70s. Being young, unsophisticated, and usually drunk (after a gig), we thought the place was the best. So all these years later, when I saw they opened one in my neck of the woods, I made it a point to swing by a re-sample the wares. Color me unimpressed. The food is very pedestrian, and – sadly – not worth a second visit. Guess I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now!


    • Hey, Gary! Yes, when I was your spoken age back in the 70s, I’d Hoover down Super Tacos from Jack in the Box drive thru after the bars at the U of Maryland closed. Revisited after absence many decades later, it was: Why have I missed these so much? Adult tastes change. In food. Music, not so much, as your great last line proves, my friend.


  3. Hate to say it… but when I am out East… I don’t have the desire for eating Mexican. We have a lot of Good Mexican Places out here. So when I get out East… I want the foods I miss.
    As for this place… never heard of it and we will keep it that way!


  4. I feel like I’ve seen them. And another one, Taco John’s. I haven’t eaten at Taco Bell in years, maybe 7-8 years now. I prefer homemade tacos. Fish tacos, though, I’ll eat at certain sit-down places.
    I like mild salsa, heavy on the cilantro 🙂


  5. Never heard of them bro Mark, but after that description I don’t think I’m missing much. I still prefer making my own anyway, so all taco and burrito dealers are the same to me, just out there selling stuff I can make better and tastier than they can. I also need that mess in my kitchen just so I can spend the rest of the week cleaning it up -NOT. We have some pretty good Mexican restaurants in my area, and some of my faves are within walking distance, or wheeling in my case, so I can get over there if I don’t want to clean up that mess myself. I think I’m lucky there, in the same area I have a pizza place, Mexican, Chinese, plus several fast food and burger sit down places, and the best ‘que restaurant in town about a block and a half away. Who needs a car when my chair can get me there in a few minutes?

    June already brother. Trying hard to ignore the calendar, but it jumps out at me when I turn the corner so it won’t be ignored! But oh, what a beautiful day we have starting out here. No one freakin’ hundred one degrees here yet, either. You are more than welcome to all your temperature extremes. I’ll keep my Kentucky temps any day of the year. Have a good day/week/month/whatever, til I get back to my reader.


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