Taking a holiday from the movies

Not me and Karen, not at the movies. (Getty Images)

Not me and Karen, not at the movies. (Getty Images)

I took the three-day Memorial Day Weekend with my dear wife Karen seriously.

I didn’t go to any of the Regal Cinemas around Syracuse to write our regular Monday movie review. Not Destiny USA. Not Shoppingtown. Not Great Northern. Not even the artsy Manlius Cinema.

True confession: I didn’t feel like a movie by myself on a holiday weekend, and no way Karen wanted to see the superhero antics of X Men: Apocalypse. We both nixed going through the looking-glass with Alice.

The weekly review feature will return next Monday. Promise.

Did you go to the movies this weekend, and if so, what did you see and what did you think of it? Am I forgiven a week off from movie review duties after three years straight? What should I go see for next week’s review?

23 thoughts on “Taking a holiday from the movies

  1. No, as you know, we seldom go to movies. However, we did rent some over the weekend, and even bought Deadpool. I saw The Big Short because you liked it, and I liked it, too, of course. 🙂


  2. No movies for me this weekend. Doesn’t seem to be really anything worthwhile watching. I have been cleaning out closets, I have the Disabled American Vets (DAV) coming by on Tuesday to haul stuff away, so I have to get ready for that. I hope you an Karen have a most wonderful, movie-free weekend.


  3. You are more than forgiven for taking a Memorial Day break from the reviewing. I have often wondered at your diligence in reviewing even through holidays.


  4. no worries at all, take all the time away from the big screen that you need. no movies this weekend for us either, instead a day at the lake, a bbq, and a parade. )


    • I like the sounds of your day, Beth. Enjoy! We are going to do some fix-up work on the porch. Maybe. Then hamburgers, salt potatoes and corn on the cob at the Little Bitty. ❤ Happy Day. My friend.


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