Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Watchfire 2015.

Memorial Watchfire 2015.

Happy Memorial Day to all here in the United States.

Let’s honor those who’ve served our country, and the world.

I took the photo above at the Veterans Watchfire at the New York State Fairgrounds a year ago. They collected old flags, and then retired them with a proper burning. It was quite the stirring ceremony, as you can see in my photos and video by clicking the link above.

I can still feel the heat of the fire and the tingle in my soul from saluting the flags and the soldiers.

What are your plans for Memorial Day? Have you ever attended a Watchfire? Do you own a flag, and if so, where do you display it?

15 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day

  1. Never been to a Watchfire, nor do I own a flag, but I do have lots of medals stashed away somewhere from my 18 years in the military. I just wish people would think about the Veterans more than 2 days a year. Veterans are treated so poorly by the government and the VA, it makes me so mad. I have had several run ins with the VA and they don’t care how they treat Veterans, they randomly take their disability checks away and leave them impoverished and on the streets for years. I wish the American people would stand up and take notice of what is really happening out there to a majority of the Veterans that have served their time to make this country safe and free.


  2. I’d like to go to the watchfire next year. Flying our flag on the front porch like many Americans. Memorial day is set aside to honor fallen military who gave their lives to protect freedom.


  3. We don’t have Memorial Day over here in England. We have Rememberence Day in November. We all wear Red Poppies and on the first Sunday in November we have ceremonies at war memorials in all towns and cities, and a big one at the Cenotaph in London. My husband is often a Marshal at the Cenotaph looking after the Veterans.


  4. Happy Memorial Day to all our American friends. We had a long weekend here in Canada last weekend – the Queen’s Birthday – which is on May 24th. For those who are not big supporters of the Queen this has morphed into May Two-Four weekend – the first beer drinking long weekend of the year. Even the beer companies advertise the heck out of this as their weekend. Ha!

    Have a great day Mark, Karen and Ellie and of course the newly graduated Elizabeth and her George the (lost track of his number). I assume BBQ’s are going to play a part in today’s celebrations. Grill safely!


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