Hitting the dome walls makes us happy

KP, Tater and I got our golf season off to its traditional indoor start last week.

It is balloon.

It is balloon.

Too chilly and wet for us to comfortably put in our first swings of 2016 on an outside course, we once again gathered inside the Golf Dome at Turning Stone Resort and Casino, some 25 southeast of Syracuse in Verona, N.Y.

Driving down the Thruway, my phone buzzed its text-in noise. Pulling toward the tollbooth, it was safe for me to glance down to discover that Tater had overslept, and was declaring that would make him 10 minutes late.

I chuckled.

Chill answered KP.

I arrived five minutes early, keeping good on my vow that I would not be the last guy this season, as I usually was last year.

Hover over any gallery photo for a description. Click on any of the three images for an enlarged slide show.

KP was already there. We signed up and paid for two hitting bays, and rotated in when Tater arrived.

KP devised a game in which we aimed for a stripe on the back wall some 100 yard out and 50 feet high, using our drivers. Later we aimed for mesh baskets placed out on the green artificial turf, 75, 80, a football field or so away.

The hour went by fast.

Hitting on down the line.

Hitting on down the line.

I was happy to let KP and Tater get their turn in at the two swinging stations.

That allowed me to wander with my iPhone 6 in camera mode. The Turning Stone folks set aside plenty of space for retail, yes, they do. They had four mannequins well-turned-out with the latest attire, as well. Even in the sale section, I couldn’t help but think I could find lower prices at Golf Galaxy. Just guessing, though. I haven’t bought golf gear in a while, other than the gloves I picked up cut-rate in February at the annual golf show at Oncenter downtown.

I few feet past.

I few feet past.

Oh, I did take the last few minutes to roll a dozen putts on the artificial green.

Now I feel ready for our first outdoor round.

Soon, I hope. Very.

If you’ve ever hit golf balls indoors, what did you think of it? Which do you like more, smacking balls off the tee or practicing putting on a green, and why? Which is your favorite photo, and why?

14 thoughts on “Hitting the dome walls makes us happy

  1. Almost 6 weeks of a 10 week golf class I had at PSU was indoors, much to my disappointment. All about the swing ! I was trying to channel my dad’s natural ability…it never worked. ☺ This looks like a great venue, Mark.
    p.s. Good luck to Syracuse in the Final 4…gotta love those bracket busters !


    • I just go out and swing, too, Van. Not much lessons in my background. 😦 Nor natural ability. Oops. 🙂 Thanks for wishing Syracuse well. So far, everything has gone right this tournament for the Orange. Knock on wood. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My favorite picture has to be the one of you,Mark, standing on the driving mat. O-o Ha! Looking good my friend. There is an inflated driving dome here in Ottawa as well. but I’ve never been inside. I have done a tiny bit of putting practice and do enjoy it. By the way, when I clicked on the pictures to check them out, they kind of went wonky and moved all over the page. I had to close your site and reopen it to instill some order in the flying pictures. ha! Some classy looking (expensive) goods in the pro shop. Nice.


  3. glad you turned over a new leaf and decided to get there early this year. was it fun to get the call from the late person, knowing it wasn’t you? looks like you are revving up for the season and ready to get outdoors asap. here’s to a great season, mark )


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