Alphonso Sanders, Soft Spoken Band celebrate Black History Month

An old friend from my days at the big daily sent me a note about a collaboration this week for his band a special guest coming up from the south.



“I am reaching out to alert you about a treasure of a musician who will be headed up from the Mississippi Delta to perform with a couple of members of the Soft Spoken Band at Al’s on Wednesday, Feb. 17,” reports Reggie Seigler. “The performance will be one of a few for him in Central New York in honor of Black History Month. His name is Dr. Alphonso Sanders. Alphonso was introduced in this area previously at a performance for a small concert at Jazz Central by Larry Luttingerback in 2014.

“His trip was sponsored at that time partially by a performance at State University of New York at Oswego. This year Dr. Sanders’ performance will be sponsored by Joined Artists, Musicians and Singers, Inc. (JAMS) You may remember doing a large spread about us about 10 or so years ago. The event will be entitled “Black History Month JAMS with Dr. Alphonso Sanders.

“Dr. Sanders is currently the Chair of Fine Arts and Director of the B.B. King Recording Studio at Mississippi Valley State University. He’s a multi instrumentalist and vocalist who has had the pleasure of interacting and performing with many of the great blues musicians, including B.B. King and Otis Clay.”

Donna Alford and members of Soft Spoken. (From

Donna Alford and members of Soft Spoken. (From

Saunders sings and plays several instruments. His voice will be joined by that of Syracuse singer Donna Alford.

The gig starts at 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Al’s is located at 321 S. Clinton St., Syracuse.

Sounds like a cool collaboration to me.

Here’s the link to Sanders’ CD Baby page.

Here’s the link From the Soft Spoken band site.

Are you a fan of the Mississippi Delta blues sound? If you clicked, which song of Sanders’ did you like best, and why? If you clicked, did the Soft Spoken song make you ‘Happy’?

8 thoughts on “Alphonso Sanders, Soft Spoken Band celebrate Black History Month

  1. Mark, Thanks for sharing this. The event was a great success. JAMS is working on bringing Dr. Sanders back around Mother’s Day to do a master’s class in one of the local high schools and for another performance at Al’s. Other JAMS projects are in the works too and we hope to be able to showcase him through one of them at a bigger venue at some point this year or next. Again, thanks for all that you’ve done and continue to do to help promote good entertainment in the ‘Cuse. RS, Soft Spoken Bandleader and President of Joined Artists, Musicians & Singers, Inc.


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