When the temperature hits this high during my birthday week in double-digit December, well, my dear wife Karen, Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I celebrate with a nice near-winter walk around our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

It's as warm as my age.

It’s as warm as I look.

We took a long one, in fact, enjoying a nice late weekend morning together a couple of days before my birthday proper, feeling OK about the here and now. Knock on wood.

Here in upstate New York, it was much more likely for the temperature to match my age when I moved here from Maryland in 1983. In fact, I didn’t have the right coat yet for the 20s. When my daughter Elisabeth was in elementary school in the ’90s, I had a ski coat to feel warm in the 30s. When Karen and I bought the Little Bitty in the New Millennium, the 40s on my birthday week was a heat wave.

Smile, Ellie B.

Smile, Ellie B.

But this warm when I turn 58 is something else. Take my iPhone 6 for a couple of shots to mark this occasion, my dear, please and thank you.

If you remember odd weather during your birthday week celebration, what was the circumstance? Would you rather it be warmer or cooler than usual, and why? Do you feel younger or older than you did last year, and why?


76 thoughts on “58

  1. Happy Birthday Mark! I am loving the warm weather, though getting dressed everyday does present a problem as all my summer clothes are packed away πŸ™‚ We share a birthday month in the same year!


  2. Happy birthday, cuz! It hit 71 here yesterday! WOW! Peeps were in shorts! Now that you have arrived at the numbers 5 & 8, whatch ya gonna do? It aint so bad, I promise you that, so just jump on right in, and join the fun!!! Lots of Love and (((HUGS))) cuz to the (am I west?) hehehehehe DUH! Too early for the brain to be on! ❀


  3. Happy Birthday, young man ! Hope it’s a great one. I should have recognized a fellow Sagittarius. Had mine 10 days ago. I never remember a December like this one, but you have to be loving it. πŸŽ„


  4. I don’t know if it’s odd, but we had three years in a row where my birthday was declared a snow closure day by my job (beginning of March). I guess our weather just happens later than I seem to remember it before; today it is near 70, going to be in the 40s again by the weekend.


  5. I also was happy to get outside a bit yesterday, so glad you got to enjoy it! In 1998, I got my first computer as an early birthday gift. And an Amazon gift card. My roommates and I were on 24/7 discovering the wonders of the Internet (AOL dialup) when the second gift arrived. Ten or so days after probably the nastiest storm in our lifetime. I thought that was pretty cruel. My birthday is 9/3, and I love that time of year.


  6. Welcome to the club young fella! A few years back, I would’ve said welcome to the Sammy Hagar I can’t drive 55 club. Or welcomed you as a fellow Dimaggiati on turning 56. Or toasted you with a sip of fine Heinz at 57! But this year? I got nuthin… But best wishes. Happy birthday Mark!


  7. Cute picture of you both, and your tail/tale of global warming. It’s warm here, too. My birthday is late February, usually frosty, sometimes in the teens. But in 1996, it snowed on Feb 3 (the day the music died), and then it was 99 on my bday, later that month. I think I got sunburned. Anyway–happy mild birthday. People always make jokes about turning 29, and now you’ve done it 29 more times.

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  8. I don’t know about birthday weather (mine is in June), but I do remember a Christmas a few years back when we all wore our heavy coats to my in-laws. Later in the evening we started packing the car up with all our Christmas goodies and had to strip down to our t-shirts cause it had suddenly gotten up in the ’60’s! Weird, weird! Speaking of weird, Happy Birthday, my friend. πŸ˜‰


  9. Happy Birthday!
    I just had mine last month and I still feel the same, although I do prefer even numbers, so 42 might be better than 41.
    The Mister and Moo also had very mild temps on their birthdays. It’s been an interesting autumn, that way! πŸ™‚


  10. I love the no-coat bit in the pics! I was able to do the same taking Bailey for walks for the past week or so. I must admit, it’s a mood booster. Happy birthday and I hope all your girls made it a nice day:).


  11. almost congrats on another year, and you’re still younger than me by a month! love the warmer weather right now, but looking forward to a bit of snow in january. i remember a lot of snow being on the ground for my birthday once and i prefer the extended fall if given the choice )


  12. Ellie B. looks amazingly like Puppy Cody, except for the tails. They’re pretty much the same size and color, and both have that same “German Shepherd saddle” on their backs. Thanks for the advice about the nose halter/second leash – we got one for Cody, and now she walks like a dream (most of the time, anyway). Since I’m a few years ahead of you on the age thing, it’s especially nice to be able to walk my dog without being pulled into the ditch after every darn bunny. Happy Belated Birthday, my friend.

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    • We have doppelgΓ€nger dogs, as I’m reminded again so pleasantly by you, my friend CM. Beautiful of markings and spirit, Puppy Cody and Ellie B. I’m glad the nose halter/second leash works for you as well. Every now and again we try Ellie B without the nose part, and she’s right back to pulling my arm out. So it’s a forever thing. Maybe Puppy Cody will grow out of the pulling so you can be ditch and halter free. But I wouldn’t count on it with Ellie B’s spirit animal to the west … Have a great day, and thanks for the wishes.


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