The slippers and the stoppers

What makes me happy on my birthday morning proper?

Comfy feet.

Comfy feet.

My dear wife Karen handed over two nicely wrapped packages just seconds behind my coffee in the cup the size of my head two days ago.

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle watched closely ready to take credit, too.

Ah, yes. New slippers, same as the old slippers, only two years fresher, yet to step in any of our dog’s business in the Little Bitty’s backyard in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood, no sockless summer encounters with perspiring extremities … I again have happy feet.

Perfect closing numbers.

Perfect closing numbers.

And what were these Rabbit rubber rascals?

Wine bottle stoppers, Karen piped up.

I saw it perfectly, wonderful for my drinking choice of red, no longer now the need to put the cork back in the bottle.

Great way to start my birthday proper of my birthday week celebration it was.

Do you wear slippers, socks or go barefoot around the house, and why? If you are in the slipper crowd, do you keep them inside only, or stray outside in them? What’s the strangest improper footwear story you’ve experience?


49 thoughts on “The slippers and the stoppers

  1. Happy Birthday, Mark! What a fantastic and cozy way to start your day. You have me craving a big glass of hearty red. It’s not quite 6:15 here…too early for wine?
    I hope you are having a great birthday week–enjoy!!


  2. I love those slippers! They appear handsome and comfy! I’m barefoot all the time at home, until the weather hits the 30’s, then I find myself wearing socks and slipper socks all the time. I own actual slippers, black fuzzy slides, but I seldom wear them. They’re more for travel.
    I can’t keep wine stoppers to save my life; my kids keep throwing them away! O_O I’m all, “They’re not spare parts!” lol

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    • I’m just not much of a barefoot guy. Too many stubs, splinters, long-lost broken glass shards and other ouches always seem to befall me, Joey!

      Hey, Indy kids, if it looks like it can almost fit back in the bottle, don’t throw it out. 😉


  3. I love my slippers so much my wife has to buy me a new pair every Christmas, and sometimes that’s not soon enough. She says I have destructive feet. Also, I love your phrase: birthday proper. For some reason, it tickles me every time.


    • You and I share yet another trait, we find, Scott. Hard-on-slipper guys. Ha! I love your wife’s accounting. Your feet have an evil plan of their own, I guess. 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words. One day a year apparently isn’t long enough, my dear wife Karen taught me about birthweek celebrations, and thus I needed to describe the birthday proper!


  4. what a wonderful, loving birthday birthday. happiest of birthdays to you, my friend. i am a barefoot in summer, cozy socks or slippers person in winter. i tend to wear my sandals until november, so i’ve been in some odd weather with them )


    • Good for you, sandal-extender! I wear my Crocs with socks. Those are my sandals, and people give me odd looks, no matter the month, Beth. Not in November for me (yet) because the wet tends to linger, and the Croc holes and socks are a bad match with that.

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  5. Happy Birthday, Mark! I just celebrated mine–and had a several day celebration leading up to it. 🙂
    I love my slippers. Enjoy yours–and your new wine stoppers, too. I guess you’ll have to start, but not finish, four bottles.


  6. Happy Birthday, Mark … wishing you all good things in your “new” year!

    We recently had 2 new cats move in with us — not quite kittens, not quite full grown. Always an issue when you have new cats learning to get along and co-exist with pre-existing cats. It was an astoundingly smooth, drama-free transition. When people asked how they were doing, this was my best reply: “They fit like a pair of comfy slippers.” And, everybody knew what that meant.


  7. Hi Mark, you look so comfy in your new slippers, I am a slipper person myself and sock person. Hope your day was a fun one and I want to wish you and your little family a wonderful Christmas. I know we will cause we are fortunate enough to still be breathing. Seriously , we will enjoy our grandkids on Christmas and eat many tamales. Take care.


  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Mark!
    No slippers for me. Bare feet when it’s warm, socks when it’s cold. The ideal is hardwood floors well-polished, so that you can skate on them in the socks.


  9. Barefoot all the way, unless it’s really cold, then socks or slipper-socks 🙂 I have a pair of house slippies, but rarely wear them unless I am going out to check the mail.


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