Think it over, Abe

There’s a lot to think about on a college campus, right?

At Syracuse University, students, faculty and the stray guy with an iPhone 6 can wonder about what Abe Lincoln might have had on his mind at this point in American history.

Honest, Abe, what's up?

Honest, Abe, what’s up?

There’s a nice collection of Syracuse student art around the campus as I’ve discovered on my visits this past football season. I saved snapping the statue of this prominent and significant president until a week ago, before the final game for the Orange against Boston College.

The details about the work and the artist.

The details about the work and the artist.

I figured that there’d be far more important things on President Lincoln’s mind than who might be the next football coach. Or maybe not. You never know.

Who’s your favorite U.S. president, and why? What do you think about the Lincoln statue? Who do you think Lincoln would want to win the major party nominations for next year’s presidential election?

34 thoughts on “Think it over, Abe

  1. It’s a beautiful image of Lincoln. But why did it wind up in Syracuse? I guess I need to bone up on Syracuse history, for it must have been a pretty important place to rate that statue AND one by a Hyatt-Huntington!


  2. An impressive statue, and instantly recognisable, even if you hadn’t stated who it was. There can be very few historic figures who would be as recognisable. As for my favourite President, if I’m permitted, well, that would have to be President Josiah Bartlett. What do you mean, he doesn’t count?


  3. My favorite Presidents are Lincoln and FDR, hands down. Two very giving men with incredibly difficult lives. I don’t think Lincoln would appreciate our current politics, but if forced to choose, there is no current Republican candidate that he would love. Maybe Kasich. More likely his view would square with Clinton. He would realize that Sanders cannot be elected. He might even like O’Malley (sp?).

    I am glad he cannot return to see the mess of our racial strife, but he would be proud that this country finally elected a person of color.

    Sorry to be heavy — I just cannot joke about what is going on in our politics right now. It is too serious.


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