Now, now, play nice

Messin' around on a lawn in Syracuse.

Messin’ around on a lawn in Syracuse.

Taking a big loop around the Little Bitty in Syracuse neighborhood of Eastwood, Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I strayed over the line into Lyncourt.

One neighbor was into the holiday spirit with mixed legends.

Ellie B turned her nose up at the tumult, but I envisioned quite a Donnybrook the night before, an argument of major scale as the rest of the world slept.

Santa laments his busy schedule.

Frosty tells him to shaddup, this warm fall we’ve been having is truly something to bellyache about.

They both turn on the Penguin to scold him for staring, then ask him where he and his mates sit these days now that the telly is so thin.

Joseph consoles Santa and offers a shoulder to lean on.

Mary remains untouched throughout, of course.

Or maybe it was just the wind …

Feel free to use the photo as a pop-up prompt. If you do join in with your imagination, link to this post and tag it Frosty Santa Prompt so we all can see the fun.


39 thoughts on “Now, now, play nice

  1. Interesting mix of figures, for sure. Reminds me of one of my former neighbors who had a Virgin Mary statue. He took the kids’ blue plastic sled and put it behind the statue to act as a crรจche. As if none of us ever would have figured out that they didn’t really go together.


  2. Ha-Ha-Ha!!!! There’s a penguin on my telly. Funny stuff. I think Santa and Frosty may have gotten into a fist-a-cuff, and Santa whooped Frosty’s butt. But then Santa had remorse for his less than kindly acts, especially after Penguin stepped in to break them up and point out how much of a punk Santa was being. Santa found a kindly shoulder to lean on. Frosty just had to lie down, he has gastrointestinal issues that are triggered by stress. Where is the Holiday cheer? One has to wonder.


  3. hahaha Mark!

    And here I thought Penguin was going on and on and on ad nauseam about himself, where he grew up, what an expert skier he is, how he won the first prize ribbon in igloo building, how the fairer sex falls at his feet because of his looks, no because he’s so smart, no probably for both reasons, all while Santa and Joseph console each other with the hope that Frosty will stop talking, and Mary prays for divine intervention and Frosty is lulled to sleep. โค
    Diana xo


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