Mr. Paul Curran has been found!

Paul Curran, we want to hear from you again.

Our guy Paul Curran.

Linda G. Hill did it.

She ended today’s trip to Ottawa with a stop at Paul Curran’s house. She knocked on his door and …

Click on her blog below, and let her tell it in her words.

Let’s just say that if you read my blog about our favorite commenter and guest blogger yesterday, I was imagining much worse reasons for his month-long absence.

Thank you, Linda G. And, Paul, it’s good to know you’re safe at home.

Source: Mr. Paul Curran has been found!

28 thoughts on “Mr. Paul Curran has been found!

  1. Happy New Year Mark!! I have missed all my WP friends 🙂 Had a few time & technical issues, but working on them & looking forward to catching up with you all! Going to read about Paul over at Linda’s . . .


    • I’m glad to see you back, Sadie. I hope you are well in 2016, my friend. I also hope you can get back to your novel. I miss those two running off together as well as your presence. ❤


  2. Mark, thank you so much. You, Willow, Michelle, and Linda, and all the others. It was your post that triggered Linda’s action. Bless you.
    ❤ ❤ ❤
    I, like all of us, have been worried sick. We will all be overjoyed to see that futuristic avatar appear again next to every single post by every blogger in the blogosphere. I have never understood how Paul does that. He must read 300 words a minute, and fit 48 hours in a day.


  3. This actually made me cry a little….and I’ve never even read anything by the man (until yestetday, that is). Thanks so much to the both of you for sharing. (Look out for Hallmark. This sounds like the perfect premise for one of their Christmas movies. 😉 )

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    • Hallmark could do well with the ratings if they took on the tale of Paul Curran, Rachel. He could write the script himself. I want to see the truck driving scene with the kids driving the car he encountered … You should find that story of his.

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